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Gift Guide: The Best Foodie Father’s Day Gift Ideas

These are our best foodie Father’s Day gift ideas to celebrate your dad on June 16

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By House & Garden | June 6, 2024 | Gift Guide

No matter who you are, how old your dad is and what his specific interests are, we’d hazard a guess that a food gift will hit the mark on Father’s Day. An edible or potable present is a fail safe gift idea that leaves no waste, doesn’t clutter up the house and (if he’s in a sharing mood) satisfies the whole family.

How ever lovely a leather wallet, tailored shirt or pair of stylish sunglasses may be, the chances are your dad won’t need more than one. But do you know what is always in demand? Food.

Luckily there are myriad ways to indulge your father on this special day of celebration and we are here to provide more than a little inspiration. In pursuit of the ultimate Father's Day gift, we have scoured the internet and all our favourite gifting haunts for the best gadgets, subscription boxes and foodie gifts for dad, whether he's a discerning eater or an indiscriminate one.

The Perfect Chef's Knife

A poor workman blames his tools, so make sure your dad has no excuses come June 16th.

A chef knife is one of the most important tool in any chef’s repertoire. Image: Supplied.

A Chef Knife can dice, slice, mince and more with an ultra sharp blade made from German steel. The handle is grooved, to move your hand into the best position. Our Place can never be said to miss an ergonomic trick.

A Chef Knife is always one of the best tools in the business, featuring a centuries-old design, oval curved handle and customisable stacked discs that make up the handle. You can choose from as many handle colours as your heart desires, so whether your dad is a maximalist or a minimalist, there's a style for him.

Coffee Subscription

From subscriptions that suit simple stovetop coffee makers, to full blown bean deliveries, there's a subscription to suit every dad, there to make sure he never misses his morning coffee again.

Not Bad Coffee for example, offers a unique coffee subscription model tailor made for coffee-loving South Africans, blending convenience with speciality pursuits.

A Brand New Inspiring Cookbook

Give your dad the gift of inspiration and guidance from some of the world's best loved chefs. Released earlier this month, Tim Hayward’s Steak: The Whole Story, is our pick for food-loving dads who want their meat cooked just right. With Steak, you’ll never again overcook a steak nor have to wonder which cut of meat to buy. This is the essential guide for enthusiasts improving their kitchen skills or diners chasing the greatest steaks around the world.

Pizza ovens

Whether your dad fancies himself a good chef or not, he's bound to achieve the perfect pizza with one of these pizza ovens.

The Ooni Karu is powered by both wood and charcoal, promising to cook a 12-inch stone-baked pizza in just sixty seconds. You don't need to be an expert to use it and, at just 12kg, it's endlessly portable for camping trips and road trips alike.

The Gozney Roccbox is just as smart, delivering the perfect Neapolitan pizza in 60 seconds thanks to its ability to hit 500 degrees in under a minute. Sure, the Gozney is on the more expensive side, but it was designed to replicate the performance of the restaurant grade ovens Gozney supplies, so it's at the very top of its game.

Olive Oil

The finishing touch on any worthy dish, a high quality olive oil is an absolute luxury.

Babylonstoren’s Aromatic Olive Oil is our pick of the bunch. The perfect gift, your dad can use any one of the Babylonstoren three olive oils available to dress salads, finish off soups, drizzle on pasta or use in a dessert.

You would have to accompany your purchase of Babylonstoren’s Balsamic Vinegar with said oil, but we think the set of the three would make a very lovely gift indeed.

Cool box

A cool box makes a practical gift and comes with the promise of adventures to be had.

Fieldbar is a lightweight, well insulated cool box that comes in six stylish colours. It's tall enough to house a bottle of wine, but slim enough to sit neatly on a car seat (just make sure to put a seatbelt around it–you wouldn't want to lose the precious cargo!) or down in the footwell.

This gift guide is adapted from House & Garden UK.