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Gift Guide: Beautiful Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Deserves

See the best Mother’s Day gifts for making long lasting luxurious memories

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | April 25, 2024 | Gift Guide

Welcome to the first dispatch of House & Garden’s 2024 Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Hand-picked by our editors, these gifts are sure to delight any and every mom on this special day. Whether you want to add a touch of cheer to your mother’s space, elevate afternoon tea, these gifts are sure to make lasting memories.

Mother’s Day is all about mindfully experiencing time spent together and the gift given on the day, (In 2024 Mother’s Day is 12 May) so we’ve turned to dealers in crafted creations, poetic ornaments, unique finds and luminous ideas to help you find the perfect gift that allows for both.

Mark your calendar, make the reservation, and organise a plan for an indulgent and thoughtful Mother’s Day celebration.

Little Treasures: Quirky Babylonstoren Egg Basket

Starting off your morning usually involves a warm drink and delicious eggs served your way (brunch plans, anyone?). But your eggs deserve to live beyond the cardboard box they are transported in. To start off Mother’s Day, why not plan a breakfast at home where you prepare your mom’s favourite breakfast meal? Whether it be eggs Benedict, sweet flapjacks, or a frittata, you should arrive with all of your eggs in one basket: This quirky basket from Babylonstoren is ideal for eggs, trinkets, or simply as a fun decor item with its skinny chicken legs taking a seat on the kitchen counter.

Quirky egg basket by Babylonstoren. Image courtesy of Babylonstoren

Exceptional Gifts: Buy Fresh Flowers and a Show-Stopping Vessel

Who doesn’t love seeing their mum’s face light up at the sight of freshly cut flowers? If you are short on time, a beautiful bouquet of your mum’s favourite flowers will always go a long way.

For mother’s with a feel for colour and material give a gesture of pure delicacy and prepare a floral arrangement in a stunning vase or vessel. The attention paid to every last detail is clear with this idea. Pictured below, a wonderful vase from Poetry Stores has three unique spouts for different flowers to show off their colour and height. If you’d prefer something more functional, a water jug is a great vessel for gifting flowers too.

During Mother’s Day in South Africa, flowers that are in season right now include bold Dahlias, Cosmos, Amaranthus or classic roses to showcase maternal love.

Ceramic Vase by Poetry of Living. Image courtesy of Poetry Stores.

Maternal Touch: Prepare for the Cold With the Warmest Blanket

Our homes are a sanctuary, a retreat, and an escape. Give the gift of comfort and warmth to your mum, who raised you in a similar fashion: Through a lavish throw blanket to cocoon in while keeping warm during cooler weather.

Even though most of the comfort and bliss found in our homes is thanks to the people who inhabit a space, it also comes from indulging ourselves and each other. Everybody’s version of tranquillity is different, and what we do to achieve it comes down to taste and budget. Made from 100% cotton, this knitted throw with bohemian tassels is an easy pick up from any Woolworths shop with a home section. Off-white and slate grey stripes keeps its appearance sleek and contemporary, while texturally, this blanket invigorates both the look and feel of your mother’s home.

100% Cotton Knit Throw. Image courtesy of Woolworths.

Something Exceptional: Scents of Place

Spoil your mom’s senses with not only a luxurious scent, but an iconic one too. Appeal to her most powerful sense with a divinely scented candle in a crisp, clean jar that whispers while its scented wax speaks volumes. Fill any room in her home with the smells of Jo Malone’s juicy pomegranate and sophisticatedly smoky noir-like wood to carry the air on this special day.

Jo Malone Scented Candle in Pomegranate Noir, an iconic scent of the perfumers. Image courtesy of Jo Malone.

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