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Showing Off: Jouffre’s New Exhibition L’écho

Step inside the reimagined New York atelier of French design studio, Jouffre, which was recently revealed at this year's New York Design Week.

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By Catherine Mo | June 21, 2024 | Shopping

Step inside the reimagined New York atelier of French design studio, Jouffre, which was recently revealed at this year's New York Design Week. Based on the theme “L’écho”, where the echoes of design history inspire today's design, the space engages in a conversation with the legacy of design, the artisan's touch and the natural world. It showcases pieces by design masters such as Giancarlo Valle, Gregory Beson, Bowen Liu, Pierre Paulin, Guillerme & Chambron, Jean Royère and Jindrich Halabala, among others.

Honouring Tradition with Contemporary Flair

At the heart of "L’écho" lies a celebration of tradition reinvented for the modern age. Each piece showcased resonates with the legacy of skilled artisans, transformed into exquisite furnishings that marry timeless elegance with cutting-edge design. Noteworthy highlights include the Cage Sofa by Studio Giancarlo Valle, a masterpiece blending woven oak and sumptuous alpaca wool from Sedallo, embodying a perfect harmony of texture and form.

Joe Kramm @joeinstakramm

The Henge Club Chair by Jouffre x RRP pushes creative boundaries with its sculptural design enveloped in chenille Islanda from Chapas Textiles, offering a tactile experience that invites touch and admiration alike. Taylor Scott Ross’s Echo Chair, adorned with energetic Sophia Rose textile from rruka, showcases a vibrant interplay of colour and pattern, a testament to Jouffre’s dedication to artistic expression.

Joe Kramm @joeinstakramm

Innovative Collaborations and Artistic Diversity

The exhibition unfolds with a diverse array of collaborations and artistic expressions. The Caverna Table by Rich King Sison, featuring geological wood forms topped with Stormy Grey Travertine, exemplifies craftsmanship rooted in natural aesthetics. Collaborations with Combray Design yield the Rome Chair, adorned with expressive embroidery that captures the essence of Mediterranean foliage, adding a whimsical touch to the showroom’s ambiance.

Joe Kramm @joeinstakramm

Craftsmanship and Sustainability

Integral to Jouffre’s ethos is a commitment to sustainability. The partnership with Enkev underscores this commitment, integrating innovative materials like coconut fibres and ethically sourced wool into their designs. These materials not only enhance comfort and durability but also promote environmental stewardship, aligning with Jouffre’s mission to innovate responsibly.

Joe Kramm @joeinstakramm

A Timeless Dialogue Between Past and Present

"L’écho'' is more than an exhibition; it’s a narrative that bridges past traditions with future innovations. Iconic pieces from the Maison Royère collection stand alongside restored vintage upholstery. This dialogue between eras creates a dynamic narrative that speaks to the enduring allure of craftsmanship across time.

Joe Kramm @joeinstakramm

The exhibition invites visitors on a journey where tradition meets innovation, where every piece tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and creative ingenuity.