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House Tour: Discover Serenity at this Lakefront Holiday Home in Canada

This Lakefront Holiday Home in Canada offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle

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By Catherine Mo | June 21, 2024 | Interiors

Nestled along the tranquil shores of Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, is a hidden gem that seamlessly marries the relaxed charm of a home straight out of a Nancy Meyers movie with the rustic allure of the local countryside. This lakefront vacation home offers a serene escape where natural beauty meets modern comfort.

Tina Kulic @tina_emapeterphoto

Family Retreat and Recreational Haven

Owned by a local professional, the home serves as both a personal sanctuary and a sought-after holiday spot. Spread across two levels, the property boasts amenities such as a Finnish sauna, pickleball court, and a sandy beach. It’s an ideal setting for family gatherings and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Tina Kulic @tina_emapeterphoto

Architecture and Interior Design

Built in the 1990s, the house embodies a classic West Coast cottage style, featuring cedar siding, shingles, and accents of river rock that blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. Inside, Andrea Rodman Interiors has curated a soothing ambiance with a soft palette of whitewashed oak and bone-coloured cabinets. Subtle touches of navy and light blue add a beach-inspired Hamptons feel, while traditional print wallpaper creates a welcoming and timeless atmosphere.

Tina Kulic @tina_emapeterphoto
Tina Kulic @tina_emapeterphoto

Artistic Touches and Furnishings

Art lovers will appreciate the understated artworks that draw inspiration from nature and French impressionism, lending a contemplative air to the interiors. The furnishings, chosen for their comfort and style, invite relaxation and foster connections, ensuring every corner of the space feels like home.

Tina Kulic @tina_emapeterphoto