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Gift Guide: Beautiful Pieces For Every Kind of Garden Lover

Garden-lovers of every kind will enjoy goods that will feed their garden and soul

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | December 18, 2023 | Gift Guide

Welcome to another dispatch of the official 2023 House & Garden SA Gift Guide! Throughout November and December, we will showcase our favourite objects and gifts for any kind of person and occasion in your life. Picture guides for foodies, stocking-stuffers, and of course those who seem to have everything (trust us, they definitely don’t).

If you have an avid home gardener in your life, it is easy to meander over to your local nursery and pick up a plant, pot, or gardening tool kit, (which they might already own). To find the best gift for the garden-lovers in your life, think about small ways your gift can make an impact, big or small. For example, a divine watering can is one way to ensure their plants get the hydration they deserve, or a unique piece of garden decor can elevate an outdoor space.

Here are 4 unique gift ideas for garden lovers

A divine watering can is one way to ensure their plants get the hydration they deserve, or a unique piece of garden decor can elevate an outdoor space. Image via Pexels.

For the Florist: Flower Colour Theory by Taylor Putnam and Michael Putnam

There are very few garden lovers who know everything about plants, there is always room to grow. Depending on the kind of gardener, there is a plethora of beautiful gardening books that will both guide one to a better garden, but they also tend to double as an aesthetically pleasing display book. For the person in your life who loves flower arrangements however, are also a kind of garden enthusiast and we’ve found the perfect book for them: Flower Colour Theory by Taylor Putnam and Michael Putnam is the ultimate guide to creating vibrant floral arrangements at home.

Taylor and Michael Putnam are the cult floral designers behind the book Flower Colour Guide and have now released this practical guide and book of inspiration around the myriad of ways to create fabulous floral arrangements.

Flower Colour Theory by Taylor Putnam and Michael Putnam. Image: supplied

For the Kids: Bug Box from Boschendal, R440

It is never too early to introduce children to the world’s smallest gardeners: The insects that contribute to the garden ecosystem. A bug box is a great toy, especially for parents who prefer wooden toys, that is both educational and introduces an appreciation for the natural world to little ones. This Envirokids bug box is wood with genuine leather trimming and stainless steel mesh. It comes with a magnifying glass, 3 faux bugs,butterfly stickers, and a Fun Fact Bug Book.

Envirokid Bug Box from Boschendal, R440. Image: Supplied.

For the Home Chef: Brass Herb Tags from Poetry, R299

Herb gardens are some of the easiest, yet precious garden projects for the home. Herb gardens can be small, but mighty and deserve some beautiful adornment since they don’t flower the same way a larger garden might. Plus, it is important to keep track of your herbs, especially of you don’t want to add the wrong herb (and flavour) to a dish. A great way to track your herbs is with Poetry’s Herb Tags. They are made from metal, and engraved with some of the easiest herbs to grow: rosemary, thyme, basil, and mint. This is a wonderful addition to a larger garden-inspired gift, and pairs perfectly with a potted herb or herb seeds.

Brass Herb Tags from Poetry, R299. Image: Supplied.

For the Entertainer: Bob Lamps by PEBL From Mon Exteriors , R1,690

In a world where tiny solar-powered lights illuminate pathways and patio tables, there are fresh and playful options for the home entertainer. Portable lighting is a widely-adopted trend we’ve seen throughout 2023 with the rise of off-the-grid lighting becoming a necessary alternative to candles. The Bob LED Lamps from Mon Exteriors is the perfect playful and practical gift to give to the person who loves to entertain in their outdoor area. The lamp has a powder-coated aluminium frame with rotation-moulded PE bulb and is USB chargeable (taking about 3 - 5 hours to fully charge). What’s more is you can decide whether you want the lamp to have a warm or cooler glow, plus a flickering candle mode. Choose from a green, charcoal, or sand coloured frame.

Bob Lamps by PEBL From Mon Exteriors , R1,690. Image: Supplied.

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