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Gift Guide: Give the Gift of Scent This Christmas

Jump start your Christmas shopping with the first edition of the 2023 House & Garden SA Gift Guide

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | November 3, 2023 | Shopping

Welcome to the official 2023 House & Garden SA gift guide! Throughout November and December, we will showcase our favourite objects and gifts for any kind of person and occasion in your life. Picture guides for foodies, stocking-stuffers, and of course those who seem to have everything (trust us, they definitely don’t).

But, there is something special about receiving the perfect gift during the holidays that transports you to a specific time and place through one of the five senses. Since scent is said to be one of the most powerful senses, candles are a powerful gift to give this season and make a lasting impression on your loved ones, especially if you only see them once a year during the holidays. Also, candles are also a genderless gift with a variety of scents to cater to every taste. With that being said, we are not holding back with these scents that pack a punch in the most divine fashion, for a truly luxurious gift of scent and warmth.

Diptyque: A Thief of Scent

For centuries, candles have radiated signals of warmth and light, signalling happiness and well-being to the world. Not only does a stylish candle invite warm smells that embrace our senses, but it is a beautiful decorative piece. One of the most recognisable candles to gift this year is any candle from legendary candle purveyors, Diptyque. With a range of scents, sizes, and vehicles for fragrance, there is a Diptyque for candle for anyone. Diptyque’s Santal is a firm favourite of our Digital Content Producer, Kimberley Schoeman whose home smells like warm sandalwood around the clock with her Santal candles next to the bed and perched on top of the mantel.

Artichaut bougie candle 190g by Diptyque. Available through Skins Cosmetics.

Byredo: Scents of Place

The power of scent to transport us back in time is great that it can help dreams and visions resurface. Did you ever dream of playing in your own tree house as a child? Perhaps in your older and wiser years, you dream of living among tall trees that present a unique sense of calm and connection to the natural world. For us, Byredo’s Tree House candle is a unique vehicle that unites childhood fantasies, contemporary dreams, and ancient connections into a single scent. This ultra woody scent is packed with sophistocated notes of cedar, bamboo, and sandalwood with hints of spice, myrhh and labdanum. This is the perfect candle for a masculine bachelor pad or that person in your life with exquisite taste.

Byredo Bougie Parfumee in Tree House. Available through Skins Cosmetics. Image: supplied.

Jo Malone: Burning Bright

For many, burning a candle at home is a meditative grounding exercise, bringing light and peace into a space. The Lime Basil & Mandarin Luxury Candle is a luminous celebration of a fragrance of the same scent by perfumer Jo Malone. For this iconic scent, we recommend airing on the side of the larger jar with a 220 hour burn time for longer periods of relaxation. The simple colour and silhouette of a Jo Malone candle is neutral enough to plug into any space, while simultaneously making its presence known with a warm, chic scent.

Lime Basil & Mandarin Luxury Candle by Jo Malone. Available through Jo Malone. Image: Supplied.

Stokperd: Local Legend

You may feel hard pressed to find a locally available and locally made candle. But, few come close to the divine scents (and value) of a candle from Stokperd. For us, a Stokperd candle is a great choice if you’re looking to pick up more than one candle to gift to multiple people, it is also a wonderful stocking-stuffer. Known more widely for design and constructed spaces, Monya Eastman of Stokperd has set out in pursuit of creating beautiful things and spaces. With scents like neroli and lavender; grapefruit and rose geranium; or orange blossom and bergamot, there is a Stokperd candle for everyone and every room in the house.

Motreën Candle (with Neroli and Lavender) by Stokperd. Available through Stokperd. Image: supplied.