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Save, Spend, Splurge: Trendy Bendy Candles

TikTok is going crazy for DIY bendy candles, but these local brands are shedding light across three price brackets

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | August 16, 2023 | Shopping

As decor trends steer away from neutral tones towards whimsical colourful touches, one of the easiest ways to hop on this trend and to incorporate colour into your space is through fun, bendy candles.

Candles don’t have to be tall and stiff pillar candles anymore, they can be twisty, twirly, curly, or bendy, which introduces unique silhouettes into a room. Here are some picks from local shops that are shedding light on to this trend, from more cost-effective products to unique splurges with a wider budget.

Save: Cotton On

One thing to consider when buying a bendy candle is whether you will burn it or display it as a decorative item. If you are worried about your candle melting down into a weird shape, rather turn to the candle holder for a bendy accent to contrast a more classic candlestick.

These geometric candlestick holders from Typo are the perfect base for interchangeable candles. You can swop out candles with different colours, heights, widths, or scents, but the candle holder brings the unique shape to the candle-lit party.

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Spend: Okra Candles

Up your dinner table game with the addition of unique candles scattered throughout your place settings. Not only do they accent your table settings with a pop of colour and shape, but these candles double as great dinner party favours for your guests to take home. These wobbly and bobbly candles from Okra Candles are perfect for introducing a unique piece of eye-catching decor for your table setting.

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Splurge: Via Wax

For a more sculptural take on the abstract candle trend, shift away from the classic tall pillar candle towards abstract shapes. Wax is a wonderful medium that can be manipulated to mimic another texture, and these candles from Via Wax are kind of trompe l’oeil — or an optical illusion — that look as if they have already melted into the perfect shape. Paired with a unique sculptural candelabra, these candles are designed to mould into place.