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Are you prepared for more load shedding? Try these 9 local candle suppliers

Try to beautify your home with these local candle suppliers and beat the blues of Eskom’s constant load shedding moods

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By Yashna Balwanth | December 8, 2022 | Trends

Stage 6 load shedding is here with no indication of slowing down anytime soon. While backup generators and cordless lights might seem like the best way to go, sometimes the scent of perfectly pretty candles fill the home with a sense of calmness and zen; something we could all use a bit more of during this time. We have rounded up a list of 9 artisanal candle suppliers based here in South Africa for you to have a browse through.

1. Apothacafe

Relatively new to the candle scene, Apothacafe is a dessert-inspired candle store started by Nuraan Nicholas based in Cape Town. These candles look and smell just like a real dessert, but are not edible so please don’t try it at home. They are made from eco-friendly soy and beeswax which is safe for the environment and your home. These candles also make for the perfect gift to send to a loved one.

2. Okra Candles

Creating luxury candles based on 3D design was how duo Erik and Michelle came together to create Okra Candles, a hand-crafted store that pushed the limit with candle design. They provided nothing less than beautiful candles for the home, be it for decorative use or functional dinner lights during the dreaded load shedding.

The Horse’de’Ouvres Candle by Okra Candles, R2 700, Image: Supplied

3. Woodwick Candles

From humble beginnings in 2006, Woodwick Candles provides a multi-sensory experience with its crackling wooden wicks, distinct fragrances and stylish design. With 3 different sizes, Woodwick Candles burn for no less than 30 to 40 hours for the smallest one, going up to 120 hours on the larger sizes. Their curved glass design and signature scents are what sets them apart from other candle designs, with the crackling sound of a fireplace from just a candle.

4. Madam Luna

Founded back in 2009, Madam Luna is a hand-poured candle company that focuses on the story behind every candle they produce. The team is a group of dedicated creatives who all work together to immerse their customer into an experience from just the scents. Beside their beautiful candles on their site, Madam Luna offer a workshop and DIY experience which is always a great weekend activity with friends. Be sure to book your spot on their website.

5. Slinky Candles

Keeping candles quirky and cute, Slinky Candles will make your heart smile with their varied designs and colour palette. From pastel shades of everyone’s favourite ‘Millennial Pink’ to lilac and green, Slinky Candles are not shy to up the cuteness factor on the moulds they use. Teddy bears, moons, smiling flowers and adorable shells are only a few of their favourite designs, with more to come in the coming months.

6. Melle Studio

Dinner candles hand poured in Johannesburg and delivered throughout South Africa, Melle Studio specialises in carefully designed pillars of wax that can beautify any dining room table and set the mood for a perfect romantic dinner for two. Spirals, bubbles, ribbed and solid forms, these dinner candles are beautiful in any shape or colour and are sold in packs of two. Probably the most dreamy dinner setting we would want during load shedding.

7. Via Wax

A sister duo based in Cape Town, Láura and Nathalie are the amazing minds behind Via Wax, a sculptural and artistic take on pretty candles for your home. For these sisters, it was about creating something different, something unique and something beautiful when they began their journey with Via Wax. Just over two years later and their sheer determination to continue creating has led them to this point of various stockists, new designs and collaborations we never knew we needed.

8. Marisol Candles

When sisters team up they truly bring out the best in each other as another sister duo makes our list with Marisol Candles based in Stellenbosch. Erin and Mitchel Walls are sisters who strongly believe in empowering women and celebrating their bodies, which comes through in their candle designs. Their vegan candles are hand-poured with love in various shades of our favourite neutrals and are ideal as home decor pieces for that bedroom side table. While they are beautiful to look at, don’t be afraid to light them when the lights go out, because we can always order more online.

9. Raquel & Co

Add a sense of luxe to your home with these designer candles from Raquel & Co. Branded perfume bottles and handbags not to mention the logos and other beautiful designs, Raquel & Co clearly saw the gap in the candle marketplace when they launched these beauties. Only launched earlier this year, they have grown over this time as locals fall in love with pretty designs that will elevate their home space.