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Take a trip around the World with Glasshouse Fragrances and candles

Fragrance aficionado Nicole Eckels launched Glasshouse Fragrances in 2006 from a spark of imagination and belief in the power of fragrance to transform the everyday.

By House & Garden South Africa | March 31, 2022 | Travel Leisure

Since its launch, Glasshouse Fragrances has quickly grown to become a leading brand in the Australian Fragrance Market.


Scent. You can’t get enough. And like us, you demand more, seeking bold and lasting fragrances that give you emotionally charged experiences that take you beyond the bottle. At Glasshouse Fragrances, we get you. We believe that your sense of smell is the most powerful one of all. It’s why we create incredible products and ground-breaking scents that make you feel amazing.

Each one transformational, Glasshouse Fragrances deliver unrivalled experiences that take you further than fragrance.

Take a trip around the World with Glasshouse Fragrances candles, diffusers, soaps, hand washes, hand cream and 14ml EDP. A scent for every room in the house and the perfect gift for any occasion. From A Tahaa Affair to Diving in Cyprus, get Lost in Amalfi or visit The Hamptons. Enjoy the Montego Bay Rhythm or One Night in Rio. Arabian Nights and Midnight in Milan are sure to appeal to your senses.


Proprietary soy blend wax has been created exclusively for Glasshouse Fragrances by the world’s leading candle experts.

Using only the highest quality soy blend wax and all natural lead-free cotton wicks encourages a burn that is pure and intensely fragrant with clean and even aesthetics.

New look vessels embody streamlined angles and elegant lids with the Glasshouse Fragrances logo screen-printed on the jar.

Candles are packaged up in soft touch boxes with gold foiling for a more modern and contemporary look and feel.


Set your Scent Scene ™ alive with Scent Stems™, a pure fragrance liquidless diffuser for a unique experience that’s exhilaratingly potent.

There’s no wrong way to set your scene, experiment with multiple stems to create your own custom scent.

Arouse your senses beyond the ordinary

Glasshouse is exclusive to Woolworths, click here to shop now.