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7 spring fragrances to excite the senses & brighten your home

Spring is the ideal time to usher in newness as we say goodbye to winter. These fragrance notes are the perfect beginning to a new season

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By Yashna Balwanth | September 1, 2022 | Interiors


Similar to roses in appearance but quite different in their scent, gardenias are known for their intoxicatingly strong, yet feminine fragrance that has a woody element to it. These evergreen shrubs are very commonly known for symbolically providing trust and hope and are mostly found in shades of white. Many many years ago in China, gardenias were used medically to treat depression, anxiety and infections, and while we’re not sure these worked entirely, they certainly do bring brightness to the home and a smile to someone’s face. Many perfumes have in recent years made use of gardenia as their signature scent, but as a spring home scent, it’s perfect to use as a diffuser.


A bit more on the herbaceous side, no spring list is complete without the inclusion of lavender. Best known for its calming and soothing properties, lavender is the plant that just keeps giving. It has a love or hate relationship with many, as some find the scent too strong for their senses, while others are deeply calmed by its presence. Mostly used in teas or to cook with, lavender is also a great bathroom plant, as its name is derived from the Latin word lavare which means ‘to bathe’. This plant can be used fresh or dried, making it completely universal and a great addition to the home.


Most often seen in pink and white, cherry blossoms are pretty and dainty flowers that evoke feelings of joy and happiness. A delicate flower and scent, cherry blossoms are also seen as the symbol of spring as they begin to bloom a few days into the new season. They may be the unofficial flower of Japan, but their hints of vanilla fill the air with dozens of tiny flowers as they wither rather quickly. When trying to capture this scent at home, their sweet signature is best used in room sprays and scented candles.

White cherry blossoms in full bloom during the first few days of spring, Image: Unsplash


Indigenous to South Africa and a firm favourite among many, freesias are brightly coloured and oh-so-beautiful. They have a sweet yet fresh scent with a hint of citrus to awaken the nose. While they lean a bit more to the end of the spring, almost entering summer, this floral scent is still a great inclusion during September and October. Interestingly, freesias got their name from botanist Christian P. Ecklon who named the flower after his dear friend, fellow botanist Friedrich T. Freese. Friendship is therefore often seen as the symbol of a freesia bloom. This fragrance is great as a compliment to other scent profiles, such as English Pear and works well in candles and reed diffusers.


Also known as the spring flower, the lily of the valley can be described as a crisp and fresh scent that is the ideal flower for spring. They have a green & white floral hint to their scent and are tiny in stature, but don’t let their size deter you. Lily of the valley is a flower often considered a great good luck charm for love. Consider using a just few drops of essential oils scented with lily of the valley to fill your home with the soft scents of spring all around. If you are not into essential oils, room sprays will work just as well to brighten the home and welcome in this new season.


Sometimes you have a scent so intoxicating that they’re difficult to pin down what draws us in. Welcome hyacinth to spring. A great fragrance to have in the home with its floral notes of sweet and spicy, hyacinth is a firm favourite among many. If you are susceptible to allergies though, this might be one to avoid with its high pollen content. Rather use essential oils scented with hyacinth instead and use this fragrance in larger open rooms to avoid its intense presence.


Probably the easiest to recognise and available in a variety of shades, roses are the universal flower of love that no one can deny. Their sweet scent, which sometimes feels overpowering with the addition of a light musk can be used in many different products to achieve the rose scent in your home (although sometimes you just can’t beat the real thing with freshly cut flowers for the living room). Hand soaps, lotions, candles and soft spritzers are ways to include the scent of this beautiful flower within your home. If the smell is a bit too powerful for your senses, consider buying a scented product mixed with something else to break the overwhelming sweet meadow scent.

Roses are known as the universal flower of love, Image: Unsplash