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GIFT GUIDE: Top picks from the House & Garden Team

Have a look at what’s on the H&G team’s radar for the festive season

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By Alyxandra Carolus | December 12, 2022 | Trends

While the festive season is in full swing and we’re all trying to figure out how to wrap up work, prep our homes for guests and start shopping. But if you’ve been wondering how to start planning your gifts for the holidays, we’ve got you covered. The team at H&G shared some great ideas for any time of year, and what designers, creatives and local businesses are on their radar. Read on to find out more!

Stokperd candles

One of the candles in Stokperd’s new launch, Image: Supplied

If you’re going to trust anyone to architect a fragrance for your home it should be an interior designer, and Stokperd founder Monya Eastman’s new trinity of scents proves why. Komorebi, the olfactory approximation of sunlight filtering through the trees achieved with a delicate balance of grapefruit and rose geranium; Hanyauku, a heady mix of orange blossom and bergamot that evokes a feeling of walking through a sun-baked citrus orchard; and finally, my current obsession, Motreën, a blend of neroli and lavender that conjures up that elusive sensation of petrichor.


Are you ready for a backgammon summer? Image: Supplied

Shelve your chess set, this summer it's all about backgammon – and these towel mats double that double as a playable board are perfect for that person in your life who’s outdoorsy in that they’ll leave the house for a picnic (but do not ask them on a hike). Locally produced and available in black and white or coral.

Piet Smedy, Editor-in-Chief

Woven leather baskets

I'm obsessed with these gorgeous woven leather baskets from Rabitti 1969. Everything from the weave pattern to the colours used just exudes quality. Available in two sizes, each features a unique colour scheme, with top handles and a circular base. - Walter Hayward, Managing & Syndication Editor

Get the crafts going

There is just something so personal when it comes to hand-made gifts, however, sometimes it just doesn't translate as well as we'd like them to. DIY crafting gifts are an easy way to add hand-made charm to any piece of art.

Food, glorious food

If I don't know a person well enough, my general go-to gift is a foodie one because I feel like food is a love language in itself. During the festive time, there are beautiful gift pack options, ceramic dishes along with the ingredients and easy-to-decorate kits. When in doubt, food always wins.

Yashna Balwanth, Senior Features Writer

Bring out the oud

My ultimate go-to for gifting is anything oud scented. It's so luxurious and inviting which is exactly what the festive season calls for. I love the Poetry Oud Diffuser (R479) and the Reserve Oud glass candle jar by @home (R329) - Lesley Mathys, Group Managing & Syndication Editor

Your green thumb sorted

Towa Premier Small Gardening Gloves, Image: Yuppiechef

More like a second skin than a glove, Towa Premier Small Gardening Gloves are a game changer for any gardener. Enviable for their ergonomic design, flexi, seam-free knit lining and ultra-soft hand feel

It’s not surrpising this Japanese-designed garden glove has earned a reputation as one of the most sought after in the world. Use them for everything from intricate seed planting to heavier landscaping and planting jobs.

A beautiful copper watering can, Image: Folha

Elegant and long-nosed, this beauty of a Watering Can Copper Tinted 1L reaches through even the lushest foliage to delivery water directly into the soil of your potted plants. And with a capacity of just over one litre, its light and comfortable to use. Best of all, when you’re done watering it needn’t get stashed in the back of the broom cupboard- with looks this good it deserves pride of place in easy reach for your next watering. Win-win.

A handmade wreath by Susie Harris Leblond, Image: Supplied

From her romantic homegrown flowers, soil-first growing methods and freshly foraged wreaths, Susie Harris le Blond dishes up eco chic and sustainability in spade fulls. Her exquisite wreaths crammed with wild foraged foliage and flowers are the most covettable item for your door or table this festive season.

Heidi Bertish, Gardens Editor

Get decorating

We have so many incredible local artists, photographers and a framed print is such a great gift. Recently, I’ve been looking at artist and art director, Amy Keevy’s work, which focuses on colour, the female form, the phases of the moon. I’ve gifted her prints to a friend as a housewarming gift but I think it makes for such a thoughtful piece to any space. - Alyx Carolus, Digital Editor

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