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Need some inspiration? Our festive season gift guides have got you covered

We’ve rounded up a selection of our gift guides if you’re needing some fresh new ideas for the season

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By Alyxandra Carolus | November 19, 2022 | Trends

Still figuring out what to give your loved ones? The festive season is a busy one and it can be tough to come up with some new ideas. From the crafter in your life to the friend or family member who loves everything luxe, there’s something for everyone. Have a look down below to see our quick round-up for all you gifting needs

The aspiring chef

There’s always at least one loved one who knows how to whip it up in the kitchen. You know, they’re the person hosting dinners, braais and baking incredible desserts. Give the Nigella in your life the tools and treats they need to make it onto Sibu’s Table.

The green thumb

Feeling a bit green? We all know that one friend who just discovered gardening or wants their own indoor jungle. If you know someone who prefers getting knee deep in mulch, making sure their perennials thrive this season or is in the midst of turning their apartment into a green oasis - then have a squiz at our gardening gift guide.

The DIY-er

You can spot the person who is always crafting a mile away. They’re either covered in paint, wool or always talking about their fave new puzzle. Check out what we’ve suggested for the handy do-it-themselves type with this crafty gift guide.

Your local cat or dog person

One thing about pet owners? They’ll spend money on their beloved furry friends. Chances are, they’d prefer a gift for their pet over themselves anyways! If you’ve been on the lookout for some local pet accessories or treats - our gift guide has some stellar ideas.

The luxe life

Finally, what do you give someone who likes the finer things in life? It can be tricky to figure out what they love, especially when they probably have everything. But we’ve compiled a short and sweet guide to some luxury items that’ll make a great stocking filler.

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