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Gift Guide: DIY kits for every arts and craft lover out there

Give the gift of crafting to someone special this festive season with DIY kits that come complete with all the components

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By Yashna Balwanth | November 13, 2022 | Trends

Floral Pressing

Complete with the flower press and acrylic frame to display your art, floral pressing is a great activity to do with loved ones. Forage beautiful plants or hold onto great memories with a flower press kit as the perfect DIY gifting idea.

Flower pressing kits are a great way to hold on to those significant flowers, Image supplied

Lego Floral Art

Lego has evolved from the simple yellow brick to being able to create works of art, ideal for creating a gallery wall at home. Their Floral Art collection allows you to be as creative as possible, or if design block has you, to simply follow the easy instructions and marvel at your masterpiece.

A gallery wall of Lego floral art makes for beautiful wall art, Image supplied

Magical Macramé

The therapeutic nature of macramé creates a calming sense over us when it comes to this DIY kit. Keychains make for pretty gift ideas, but a DIY keychain makes it even more fun, especially one in neutral shades. Easy to do and easy to carry anywhere, the macramé trend is not going anywhere anytime soon.

DIY Macramé kits are a great way to get into this fun hobby, Image supplied