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Gift Guide: Time to spoil your pets with toys and treats galore

The festive season is upon us and that means spoiling everyone in the house, including our beloved pets and fur babies

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By Yashna Balwanth | December 21, 2023 | Gift Guide

It is safe to say that if you have a pet, they are guaranteed to be included in the festive cheer over this time, and that includes spoiling them with cute gifts and tasty treats all season long. We have collated a few gift ideas we think you and your pet would love.

Keeping it Local

Supporting local business has been really important, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. Finding local suppliers of pet goodies not only boost our economy, but add a real South African flair to our pet apparel, and with good reason! These pet collars are stylish, comfortable and oh-so-chic, available in many styles and colours. Not only catered for dogs, our cat lovers are up there too!

Double roped dog collars come in beautiful colours with brass tags, Image supplied

Advent Calendar Adventures

The countdown and joy an advent calendar brings is part of what makes the festive season so fun. However, our pets should not be left out, so why not buy them their own advent calendar to count along with you over the next 24 days. Their wagging tails and excited nature will only add to the festive cheer all-round.

Dog biscuit advent calendars make for a great gift, Image supplied

The Home Decor Lover

We all love decor pieces that tie in with the rest of our style, especially when it’s catered to our fur friends and their needs. These cute ceramic jars are ideal for pet treats and can be well disguised on the kitchen counter (be sure to keep out of reach of kids in case they think these are snacks).

Beautifully made ceramic jars filled to the brim with pet treats, Image supplied

Bring Back the Bandana

Sustainably created from pyjama scraps, these pet bandanas are a great way to dress up your fur child without restricting them from going about their day. With a wide variety of colours and patterns, bring a little festive joy into your home with cute bandanas your pet is sure to fall in love with.

Pet bandanas add colour and pizazz to your furry friends, Image supplied

Summertime Ice-Cream Time

With temperatures continuing to rise, a sweet treat to help keep your dogs cool this summer, is ice cream they can actually eat! Available in flavours such as biltong, strawberry or duck, Cool Dogs have developed an ice-cream that can easily be stored in your freezer at home and reached for when needed. It’s the perfect gifting treat for our favourite fur friends.

Cool Dogs ice-cream treats come in a variety of flavours, Image supplied