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The top 4 most affordable places to travel overseas as a South African

We have highlighted four unexpected but completely budget friendly places for a South African to travel to this holiday season

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By Yashna Balwanth | November 7, 2022 | Travel Leisure

1. Brazil

If you are looking for a warm welcome with friendly people and a vivacious culture, look no further than the country of Brazil. Well known for the annual Carnival happening around February to March, Brazil becomes amassed with beautiful attire, great food and constant song and dance. This celebration is only one reason to visit the beautiful country of Brazil. The climate is also quite similar to South Africa, with beautiful beaches and busy cities having the best of both worlds. Brazil is also one of the countries South Africans can visit visa-free (bonus!) While pick-pocketing is a common occurrence, being from South Africa makes us vigilant tourists and should not let that stop us from exploring this beautiful country.

Brazil during the early evenings as the city comes alive, Image Unsplash

2. Egypt

Egypt is a country rich in history, dating back to the times of Pharaohs and kings, early urbanisation and some of the earliest signs of writing and archaeology. However, if history is not go-to, desert adventures, lazy beach days and diving in the Red Sea are just some of the activities to help you feel completely relaxed and on holiday. If these suggestions are still not your idea of having fun, immerse yourself into city life after dark when Egypt turns into a party-central paradise. Traditional dancing shows, dinner cruises on the Nile river or viewing the pyramids under beautifully coloured lights while partying it up until the early hours of the morning is a great way to spend your holiday. It also helps that the Egyptian Pound is slightly weaker than the South African Rand at the moment, making this holiday an affordable choice.

Egypt is full of the hustle and bustle city life mixed with a beautiful culture, Image Unsplash

3. Turkey

Seeing a recent surge of South African visitors, Turkey has popped up on our radar and with good reason. Filled with culture, tradition and lots to see and do, Turkey is a great place to add as your next travel destination. The photographic rock valleys of Cappadocia along with the famous pure white travertine terraces of Pamukkale and the bustling Mediterranean views in Antalya are only a handful of reasons we thought to mention as to why Turkey should be a travel spot this holiday season. With the current exchange rate, the Turkish Lira and South African Rand are equally on par which is always great to hear for a local. Shop till your heart's content in Turkey with wholesalers and factories galore while still experiencing all this place has to offer. If you were not thinking of travelling to Turkey before, we suggest adding it to your travel list immediately.

Hot air balloon experiences are a must when visiting Turkey, Image Unsplash

4. Namibia

Another country to top our list that does not require a visa and borders our beloved home country, South Africa - Namibia can be travelled to by air or road to reach a place of serene beauty. If immersing yourself in nature and vast landscapes is your ideal getaway, then Namibia is a great spot to add to your holiday list. The wildlife is plentiful, and the environment is scenic and therapeutic, the perfect way to end a busy year with some calming and relaxing time out before the start of another bustling year. Choose a resort that will take care of all your administration from the food, accommodation and transport, leaving you to only worry about unwinding. Book a beautiful safari drive, or visit the hot springs nearby, just being able to take in all the natural surroundings as much as possible.

Little Kulala out in Sossusvlei, Namibia is the ideal getaway, Photograph Teagan Cunniffe