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H&G It Yourself: Top tips to make sure pet hair removal isn't a complete hassle

Pets are an absolute joy, but cleaning up after them? Not so much.

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By Alyxandra Carolus | September 20, 2022 | Diy

Pets are a total delight and when you welcome a new member of the family into the home, it can be such a lifestyle adjustment. You’re going outside more, checking houseplants and being proactive about pet-proofing your home. But besides all the new toys around your home, litter boxes and leashes, they don’t warn you about the pet dander. Your beloved pooch and feline comes with fur and, yes it does gets everywhere. It’s one of life’s small inconveniences, but there are ways to minimise it showing up on your clothes and furniture items.

Become one with the Hoover

It’s no secret, you will become friends with this staple household cleaning device. But those hand held vacuum cleaners? It’s an absolute game changer. Having one that can get into the small corners, is portable and rechargeable means you don’t need to wait to plug in to tackle pet dander. Whether your pet will move so you can vacuum it up, well that’s another question.

Defluff and conquer

One way to combat the pet hair issue? Make sure there’s not a lot of it to begin with. Using a de-shedding tool is a lifesaver, especially if you have a fluffy dog with a dense coat (fur clouds, anyone?) and know what struggle that can be through the seasons. Whether it’s a mitt, brush or broom - these tools are part of the arsenal for any grooming parlour and it should be part of yours too.

Lounging about, Image: Unsplash

The power of water

An age-old trick for dealing with dust? Water. Using a damp cloth can pick up those hard to reach particles. The same rule can be applied to pet hair. You can use a damp cloth, window squeegee or a grooming glove to make sure you’re getting a cleaner surface and picking up all the hair.

This also applies to your pet’s bedding, so be sure to pop their favourite blanket or pillow into the washing machine often. It eliminates odours but also prevents a build-up of pet fur.

Lint rollers are your best friend

Finally, if you want to keep it off your clothes and furniture, have a lint roller on hand. They’re an easy, low-tech way to stay fluff free in the long run. You can carry one in your car, your bag, your desk - you get the picture. Be sure to replace the lint roller often so you get the most effective results. And if you don’t want to fork out the cash for a lint roller, good old tape wrapped around your hand will do.

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