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A Hamptons holiday home of modern design, beautiful aesthetics and soulful living

A beautifully designed holiday home in the Hamptons by Monica Fried is nothing short of fabulous with modern aesthetics and a warm and organic flow

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By Yashna Balwanth | November 15, 2022 | Interiors

A tranquil holiday always seems like a good idea, especially when it is in Amagansett, New York, one of the prettiest villages in the Hamptons. The salty sea air and quiet village life (the home is within walking distance of the beach) is enough to encourage even the most steadfast urbanite to consider taking the slow road. This is exactly what attracted this family to the area – and this house, a space they could always come together to entertain extended family and friends, as well as take peaceful escapes.

To this end, they enlisted interior designer Monica Fried, who – in collaboration with Thomas Heine Architect and Cardel Development – would help them achieve this dreamy ideal of a coastal bolthole on the two-acre property. Monica was given complete creative control of the project and asked what she would create if given the space to do so. ‘The homeowners have an open door and love to entertain, so the house needed to be inviting and relaxed but also sophisticated and timeless,’ says Monica. Her design philosophy has always centred around reflecting the environment through all the elements within a home, and this was no exception.

This Monica Fried Hamptons holiday home from an exterior viewpoint, Photograph: Nicole Franzen

The common thread of structured lines, varied textures and great attention to detail with the ideal mix of vintage and modern pieces make for an attractive space that can be admired while also appreciated practically. ‘The vibe is modern with a mix of organic and vintage, which is something we like to bring to every project,’ Monica says. She chose to focus her attention on the architecture of the space and its beach setting to ensure the fresh look still worked with the classic Hampton shingle-style homes in the neighbourhood.

The relaxed living room where the family often gathers, Photograph: Nicole Franzen

At roughly 650 square metres, the home is organised thoughtfully, providing uninterrupted flow across the first floor, giving the illusion of ‘no real walls’ and continuous movement throughout the space. The large entry hall, living room, kitchen, dining room and family room all seem to amalgamate into one, reiterating that this is, first and foremost, a family home. The open-plan space allows for a sense of ease and calmness, which also comes through in the colour choices. ‘This home is very close to the beach and the ocean, so all the colours and materials reflect that,’ says Monica, with the palette leaning to shades of blue, ivory and sand. ‘Materiality was very important to bring interest and texture to the project,’ she continues, pointing out that these tactile elements were crucial in creating a dynamic contrast from room to room yet are still able to coexist in perfect harmony. For example, the solid mass of the ocean-hued fireplace clad with travertine in the sitting room is softened by the ‘053 Capitol Complex’ armchair from Cassina, boucle-covered stools and the warm, geometric patterned rug. Monica opted for a pared-back approach that allowed the individual elements to shine, as every piece of furniture and fixture was selected for its design lineage but also comfort and practicality.

To stay timeless, she avoids trendy designs, instead opting for classic pieces and a palette grounded in earthy tones to achieve calming simplicity underpinned by rich textures and warming, natural materials. Monica and her team were not only able to capture the essence of the family in doing so but create a beautiful and practical home that opens up to its surrounding environment.

The formal living room is a vibe of modern with a mix of organic and vintage, Photograph: Nicole Franzen

This story originally appeared in our H&G October 2022 issue. To purchase the latest digital copy, click here.

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