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Looking for design inspiration? Check out these design trends on TikTok

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By Alyxandra Carolus | March 15, 2024 | Design

The change of season always encourages a sense of renewal and you might be thinking of ways to refresh your space. While social media can be overwhelming at times, it is a great reference tool and source of inspiration, especially when you’re looking for niche items. TikTok is one of those tools, with over 1 billion monthly users, you are bound to find someone sharing the content you need to find. We’ve rounded up some TikTok trends that can be implemented in your own home.

Moody Modernism

Modernism is a design trend that emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a response to changes in technology and society. This design philosophy embraces minimalism and rejects ornate embellishments, favouring function over form. From architecture to furniture, modernist designs are characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes, and a focus on new materials and techniques. The darker twist on it, with warmer tones is something emerging online as a newer take on mid-century modern.

@starpower.home Part 2 | Moody Modernism ~~ This niche interior design aesthetic is all about clean and sleek lines, warm textures, nuetral dark colors, and ambiance. A moody modernist will often fill their home with classic designer furniture and lighting or pieces that have a funky modern shape. They have an emphasis on art and create drama in their spaces using dark tones and focussed lighting. #moodyinterior #modernhomedecor #moderninteriordesign #vintagedesignerfurniture ♬ original sound - Allie | Interior Stylist

Traditional Eclectic

Traditional eclectic design is a unique style that borrows elements from various time periods and styles, creating a rich, layered look that feels curated over time. This design style allows for a high degree of personalization as it mixes different styles together, yet there is a subtle thread of consistency that ties the space together. Think Nancy Meyer’s iconic aesthetic in her movies if you need more inspiration.

@alexandriaparis_ the BEST interior style. #homedecorlovers #homedecorobsessed #decorlovers😍 #eclecticinteriorstyling #eclecticinteriordesign #eclectichomedecor #homedecortips #timelesshomedecor #decoratingideas ♬ Blue Moon - Muspace Lofi

Practical Magic Victorian Home

Inspired by the 90s hit movie, Practical Magic and the majestic home in it, this trend is pretty timeless overall. The home of the main characters, was inspired by late 19th century architecture and unfortunately, doesn’t even exist in real life. But, you can implement the design elements in your home. Think dark wood furniture, draped curtains and printed wallpaper for that romantic Victorian feel.

@miahiramatsu Replying to @Summer Here’s how I would do a practical magic home design! Lots of antique furniture and vintage cottage decor. Some beautiful oil prints and dried florals with a hint of that Owens sisters vibe. And all the cozy layers of linens and textiles, feminine and lush. #homedecor #hometiktok #decorideas #decortiktok #designtok #roomdecor #decorfinds #homestyle #decorhelp #nerdcore #nerdcorehomeseries #practicalmagic #cottagecore #victorianaesthetic #whimsy ♬ Amas Veritas - Alan Silvestri