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Our July issue is all about layering up for winter and is filled with inspiration for cosy interiors - get your copy today

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By Yashna Balwanth | June 23, 2023 | Design

The bitterly cold mornings, the later start to the day and the multitude of layers from blankets to scarves are a clear sign that winter is officially here. With the change in season comes a change in atmosphere, and that occurs in everything around us. Our indoor habits like reading a great novel (page 25 has some good options) or painting your walls (page 48 offers the perfect tips) take precedence over outdoor adventures.

Inside the July issue of House & Garden, you’ll find the latest in winter luxury design, travel destinations, inspiring interviews, and so much more. Image: Greg Cox

Although, travelling to an idyllic cabin in the winter on page 29 sounds rather relaxing and romantic. We change the way we dress, we change the types of food we eat and we change the homes in which we find inspiration. Comfort becomes our key and we tend to look for warmth in our design ideas, the appeal of luxurious homes and most importantly the people with which we surround ourselves, like family and friends.

With all this discussion of change, please allow me to take a moment and introduce myself, Yashna Balwanth, as your new editor-in-chief for House & Garden SA. I cannot begin to describe my excitement and happiness in sharing this new journey with all of you.

From beautiful homes across the world to expert interior advice from only the best, travel options to set your heart aflutter and keeping you up-to-date on every garden and decor trend there is, House & Garden is the same magazine you have come to love over the years, just with a fresh voice that’s a little loud at times and slightly eccentric.

One thing is for sure and that is my passion for connecting with people, beautifying a space and showcasing the best South Africa has to offer. I welcome you to my first issue and am keen to celebrate this title with you all and excitedly await hearing your feedback.

Grab your digital copy of House & Garden here or pick up a physical copy now available in-stores nationwide.