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4 Fantastic ways to create a more peaceful home aesthetic now

Have your home looking more peaceful than ever before by following these must-see tips

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By Kauthar Gool | May 16, 2023 | Trends

Life gets busy, and with that, your home and the upkeep thereof may take a backseat. Soon a little clutter turns into more, and before you know it, your home may be more chaotic than you’d like it to be. If you’re looking for great ways to create a more peaceful aesthetic in your home, we have the perfect tips for you.

1. Declutter your home

@susielake Decluttered part of our laundry room today. We don’t have a very big laundry room and it’s usually a catch-all space for me when I’m trying to clean up quickly and don’t know what to do with something. The brown shelves were left by the previous owner of our house so I’ve just used them but I always thought floating shelves and an open space underneath for my vacuum and laundry basket would be better for this space, so I finally did it! I absolutely love how it turned out! #decluttering #declutterwithme #cleanwithme #organizewithme #declutteredhome #laundryroom #laundryroomorganization #laundryroomdeclutter #sahm #sahmlife #momlife #momtips #momcleaning #declutteringformentalhealth #laundryroom #declutteryourlife ♬ Karma - Taylor Swift

Start small to avoid overwhelming yourself. You could begin by decluttering your countertops or the areas in your home where you work or study. You’d be surprised by how satisfying it can be to see your space transform from messy to functional.

2. Plants are a winner

@plantsbyaiste #regret #iplanteven #talkplantytome #houseplantclub #planthoarder #plantobsessed #plantgoals #apartmentjungle #plantstyling #livingwithplants #urbanjungle ♬ My Way - 2008 Remastered - Frank Sinatra

Decorating your space with lush greenery will give it a lovely Zen feel. Additionally, the lovely oxygen in your space will add to the peaceful aesthetic therein. You don’t have to overdo it – adding one or two plants that are easy to maintain should be sufficient.

3. Don’t underestimate lighting

@kyliexpark you guys know, im all about elevating homes in simple ways💗 added more of these lights around my house🤍 added in my storefront under 'home lighting' ! #home #homedecor #homeupgrades #homelighting #lighting #kitchenupgrade #bathroomupgrade #kitchenlighting #ezvalo #ezvalomotionsensorlight ♬ original sound - 679SeFanaia Toga playlist 🎶

Be mindful of the light fixtures within your space. Using softer lighting will create a warmer feel within your home. Additionally, don’t be afraid of letting in natural light, which is also a wonderful way to make your home seem bigger than it actually is.

4. Fragrance is your friend

@mama_mila_ 3 easy ways to make your home smell amazing 🌻 #homehacks #homefragrance ♬ TOXIC X DO I WANNA KNOW - ALTÉGO

Scenting your home with beautiful, pleasant fragrances is fantastic for the overall ambiance in your space. A pleasant-smelling home will feel more welcoming and create a deliciously calming feel you and your guests will adore. To learn more about bespoke home fragrances – check out this thought-provoking piece.