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Elton John buys new luxury penthouse in the beautiful city of Toronto

Elton John and his partner David Furnish recently purchased the futuristic and modern urban penthouse off-plan out in Toronto

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By Yashna Balwanth | October 10, 2022 | Trends

Elton John has always been a bit on the eccentric side of life, pushing the boundaries of his music and his fashion to say the least. However, this seems to spill over into his property choices as well. Elton John and his longtime partner David Furnish have just made a recent purchase of the new penthouse in King Toronto, an upcoming development in Toronto’s King West neighbourhood set to be completed sometime in 2023.

This futuristic looking development certainly has a design all on its own, with the particular penthouse purchased by Elton John being called ‘the treehouse’ one of six penthouses on offer at King Toronto. These penthouses sit atop the development, one of six peaks within structure. The design incorporates greenery and eco-living mixed with apartment styles with contemporary finishes. The total interior size of Elton’s penthouse is 242m2, with the balconies making up 55.5m2 in space. A double storey, three bedroom, three bathroom penthouse, complete with an actual tree on the lower level in the double volume space and fully kitted out brass and travertine kitchen to the right-hand side. While the price has not been disclosed, we can assume that this penthouse does not come cheap with state of the art finishes and many amenities being offered within the development.

The King Toronto development was designed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and was inspired by Habitat 67, a design experiment on compact urban living with the benefits of suburban homes, multi-levelled environments and sufficient privacy, all in a modern urban environment. The interlocking modular, residential homes provide a sense of community while being together, yet still apart to maintain your individuality. Maison de Verre in Paris was the second building in which the King Toronto developers drew inspiration from, with the glass blocks playing with reflectivity, translucency and transparency. These glass blocks, when viewed from a distance, create a sort of pixel effect, which is what the developers wanted, highlighting the poetic themes of dual inspiration that Habitat 67 and Maison de Verre represent.