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Locals celebrated their passion for cooking at the #Foodtiktok event

A Tiktok event filled with food, fun and lots of laughter, Judge chef Siba Mtongana was there to oversee it all

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By Yashna Balwanth | July 20, 2023 | Trends

With a view count of over 160 billion, the most popular category on TikTok is #FoodTikTok. With its vast collection of recipes, cooking tutorials, and engaging food content, #FoodTikTok offers a virtual kitchen where aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts can indulge their passion and expand their culinary repertoire. From mouthwatering recipes to easy cooking hacks and food tutorials, the #FoodTok community on TikTok is transforming how South Africans engage with culinary experiences.

All the ingredients including tons of laughter and fun were part of the Tiktok food experience, Image supplied

In celebration of culinary creativity, the beloved celebrity chef and restaurateur, Siba Mtongana - took on the prestigious role of judge, infusing her expertise and charm into the recent #TikTokThatsHau food experience at FoodJams in Cape Town. As guests settled in comfortably for an evening of cooking, sipping on glasses of sparkling bubbles, a spoon draw decided the teams. Their mission: to create two trending TikTok dishes, namely the #BicMacTacos, and Tamara Reddy’s favourite Crispy Chicken Strips.

The winning team, which included Lucian Albertyn, Kayla Kim, Zethu Gqola and Nicole Tromp, walked away as champions with Xavier Haupt, Nadia Jaftha and Mekaila Matthys’s team following in a close second.

H&G’s Tracy-Lee Bieding working with her team to get out the best dishes, image supplied

Tamara Reddy, whose crispy chicken recipe is on everyone’s lips, shared her experience with the platform, saying, “Exploring TikTok has been an incredible culinary journey where I’ve discovered a haven for learning and exploration. From unravelling the secrets of gastronomy to user-friendly DIY tutorials and even language lessons, TikTok’s content feast is a true culinary delight. It’s a platform that democratizes the art of cooking, making it accessible to all, regardless of their culinary background or cultural heritage.”

Celebrating the power of learning, the #TikTokThatsHau hashtag has garnered more than 41 million views within the app since the launch of the campaign earlier this month. South African creators have shared valuable hacks to enhance daily life and navigate challenging times, such as loadshedding, which have resonated with users. The platform has also witnessed a growing interest in educational content, with users actively searching for various hacks in different categories, resulting in significant views on topics such as food, beauty, life hacks, DIY and education.

Jamie-Lee Domburg concentrating on getting those onions chopped perfectly, Image supplied

Boniswa Sidwaba, Head of Programming for Sub-Saharan Africa, commented on TikTok's potential to become a key search engine for learning in South Africa, stating, “We have observed fascinating trends on the platform, with users searching for hacks in various categories. Food and, more specifically, recipes are the most searched hacks on the platform, with beauty being the next most popular type of content. Make-up tutorials and hair tutorials drive this. Life Hacks, DIY, as well as Book and Series recommendations are also very popular on the platform. This demonstrates the increasing role of TikTok as a platform for education and information sharing across diverse topics.”

#TikTokThatsHau has unveiled the treasure trove of diverse content, invaluable information, and profound connections that TikTok has to offer. The campaign reinforces the platform’s commitment to earning the community’s trust and demonstrating its utility and relevance for users over the age of 13.