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The interior design trends to watch in 2021 & beyond

Co-founder of Signature Finish Lisa Fabbri shares her timeless design insight

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By House & Garden South Africa | October 12, 2021 | Trends

We all know that every trend is somehow influenced by the trends of the past. So when it comes to interior design, it is important to pay attention and make changes to your home and work spaces that will give your spaces longevity you require.

Below, the Co-founder of Signature Finish Lisa Fabbri shares some of the trends to look out for in 2021 and beyond.

Environmental Influence

Environmental concerns are very real. Choices for our interior spaces must become more environmentally conscious, encouraging a positive impact on the way we live and contribute to the planet. Fortunately, suppliers, manufacturers, designers and all other influencers are getting on-board too. Now, more than ever, there is wide and cost-effective choice to invest in sustainable and recycled materials, water-saving and eco-friendly appliances and services and architectural design that is more accepting of and focused on efficient energy use.

The New 70’s look

This trend has already started to some extent, but will only truly come into it’s own over the next few years. It seems we are searching for balance in our fast-paced and hi-tech lives and our homes need to offer us this sanctuary. The look is simple and honest, maximizing amounts of natural light and making use of natural timbers and simple lines. Earthy tones for walls and upholstery; large indoor plants in wicker baskets or hanging in macramé.

Picture: Unsplash

More is More

For many years, the notion of “Less is More” has been closely followed, exercising disciplined limitation towards interior design and decoration. It has been a successful and popular trend in its simplicity and control of space. The new trend, however, wants to allow more freedom and for personality to shine. Colours, patterns and texture can be mixed. Boldness and exuberance are welcomed. The rules have been relaxed and personality and vibrancy is key. Be warned however – this freedom can be more difficult to get right. Don’t let the lack of rules get out of hand!

Picture: Unsplash

New Mixed Metals

There is a new interest in metals and metallic finishes. Rose gold has been popular, but trends are now towards other metals such as copper, brass and silver – brushed or polished - and in combination with each other for added vibrancy. Accessories in metal finishes are easily available from all home-type stores. Metallic finishes and patterns are also available in wallpaper and fabric, so again very easy to introduce into interior schemes.

New Trend Colours

Colour always gets attention in trend forecasting. Olive Sprig, a shade of pastel grey-green, has been named as Colour of the Year for 2022 by global paint conglomerate PPG.

Picture: PPG/Gross and Daley

In 2020, Pantone declared Classic Blue as the colour of the year. Plascon issued Mulberry Leaf and Dulux, Tranquil Dawn. The common thread in all of these is a return to nature and the freedom to be quite bold in your choice of colour.