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The limited edition Moët & Chandon is here to celebrate its 280th anniversary

For the 280th anniversary of Moët & Chandon, the Maison channels timeless elegance, modernity and joie de vivre through a limited-edition coffer inspired by the House’s original collaboration with the art nouveau master

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By House & Garden South Africa | August 16, 2023 | Trends

In 2023, to celebrate its 280th anniversary, Moët & Chandon reinterprets a timeless treasure from the past to celebrate the future. From the table of Madame de Pompadour to the Moulin Rouge or Studio 54, to the Grand Slams of the world or Royal Ascot, for nearly three centuries, Moët & Chandon has gone hand in hand with the utmost elegance, always underpinned with beautiful aesthetics and an appreciation of nature. To mark its milestone anniversary, the champagne House is presenting a limited edition inspired by the original works of Art Nouveau trailblazer Alphonse Mucha, whose avant-garde spirit is embraced by Moët & Chandon to this day.


Going back to its roots, Moët & Chandon marks its anniversary with an ode to the timelessness of art and nature. The metal coffer for Moët Impérial (750 ml) is reminiscent of Mucha’s iconic pieces used by Moët & Chandon in the 1900s. The design is inspired by nature and depicts an elegant woman as a symbol of beauty and abundance going hand in hand. Garbed in a glamorous flowing dress, the figure holds a vase – symbolizing the extraordinaire generosity of nature that gives birth to Moët & Chandon champagne. Joie de vivre is conveyed through the trademark organic shapes, warm colours and uninhibited freedom. The abundance of nature and the seasons are key themes in Mucha’s work, echoing the prolific vines and generous tables of Moët & Chandon. From the harvest to holiday celebrations, Moët & Chandon rejoices in the generosity of its terroirs and invites the world to join in the festivities through this limited-edition gift offer, available in select retail outlets for R729.

Moët & Chandon limited edition, Image supplied


Leader of the Art Nouveau movement, characterized by elegance, nature and modernity, and the first of many artists to work together with the Maison, Alphonse Mucha’s vision fully encapsulates the joie de vivre of Moët & Chandon. One of the first craftsmen to create original theatrical posters, Mucha was a pioneer of his time, lending his talent to jewellery, packaging design, interior design, photography and sculpture – proof that art is collective and has its place in every realm. His versatile pieces, universally enjoyed and emulated to this day, firmly assert the timelessness of art.

At the turn of the 20th century, the Belle Époque marked the dawn of a new civilization that permeated the world of culture and the arts. It gave birth to the elegance of Art Nouveau, of which Alphonse Mucha was one of the leading lights. Stimulated by the artistic ferment of Paris, he inspired the Moët & Chandon House, headed at the time by two brothers, Gaston and Raoul Chandon de Briailles, who commissioned Mucha to create posters celebrating the Maison’s champagne and nature in its region.

Indeed, art is as eternal as the ageless style of Moët & Chandon, which has been bringing people together through effervescent celebrations for centuries. Displayed as large posters in public areas, Mucha’s designs, like Moët Impérial, were welcoming and sincere: “I was happy to be involved in an art project for the people, accessible to all.” the artist said. Ahead of his time in this regard, Mucha’s inclusive attitude and atemporal art continue to resonate with Moët & Chandon today as the world’s most-loved champagne.