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These are the world’s 20 highest paid home influencers

Clean freaks are going to love the number one home influencer…

By Vogue US | March 24, 2021 | Trends

Picture: Hilton Carter, Instagram

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that interiors content is at an all-time premium right now. Thanks to 12 months of stay-at-home directives, our thirst for home content—be it DIY, styling, cleaning, tidying or simply updating—shows no sign of abating. And when you throw Instagram, YouTube and TikTok—with their thousands upon thousands of influencer accounts—into the mix, you can see why homes have become some of the most lucrative influencer content around.

It’s a phenomenon that comparison site GoCompare were keen to examine, so they gathered the top 50 home influencer accounts across Instagram, YouTube and TikTok (a list devised by counting the number of media mentions), then calculated their potential earnings. While we’re pretty sure no influencer would share their true income publicly, earnings were calculated using Influencer Marketing Hub Tool’s TikTok and Instagram money calculators. And while there are certainly many huge home influencers like Kim Kardashian, Drake and Gigi Hadid, whose interiors content is lapped up by fans, they were not included in this list, as it was restricted to influencers with dedicated home accounts.

Scroll down to see who made the top 20 and what their estimated yearly earnings would be, if they posted at least five times a month.

20. Ashley Gray


Combined followers (Instagram, TikTok YouTube): 435,254

Estimated yearly income: $195,097

19. Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid


Combined followers: 2,339,950

Estimated yearly income: $197,642

18. Paula Sutton


Combined followers: 454,155

Estimated yearly income: $207,065

17. Hilton Carter


Combined followers: 455,727

Estimated yearly income: $216,332

16. Drew Scott


Combined followers: 1,495,803

Estimated yearly income: $244,629

Combined followers: 581,492

Estimated yearly income: $271,621

13. Noell and Daniel Jett


Combined followers: 2,854,625

Estimated yearly income: $280,742

Estimated yearly income: $289,577

11. Oliva Bowen


Combined followers: 640,338

Estimated yearly income: $302,618

10. Angela Rose


Combined followers: 799,894

Estimated yearly income: $371,684

9. Emily Henderson


Combined followers: 960,485

Combined followers: 2,748,114

Estimated yearly income: $472,321

7. Becki Owens


Combined followers: 1,254,875

Estimated yearly income: $583,796

6. Amber Lewis


Combined followers: 1,303,417

Estimated yearly income: $605,391

5. Kelly Wearstler


Combined followers: 1,560,554

Estimated yearly income: $706,509

4. Galey Alix


Combined followers: 3,629,763

Estimated yearly income: $856,165

3. Syd and Shea McGee


Combined followers: 2,774,633

Estimated yearly income: $1,189,125

2. Sophie Hinchliffe


Combined followers: 4,407,121

Estimated yearly income: $1,880,242

1. Marie Kondo


Combined followers: 4,587,617

Estimated yearly income: $2,002,014

Written by Yeong Sassall.

This article originally appeared on Vogue Living Australia.