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Wonder Wall

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to add that extra something special in a room without too much effort

By Gugulethu Mkhabela | March 29, 2018 | Design

Meet Cape Town-based designer Cara Saven of Cara Saven Wall Designs, as she shares a bit about herself and why a wallpaper can be all you need for creating that wow factor in any room.

The beauty of wallpaper – decorative, colourful and uncluttered. Image: Supplied

Who is Cara Saven and what does she stand for?

Oh my hat, most days I have no idea who I am! But when I do get a moment of clarity, which is usually on a mountaintop, I hope that I stand for humility and authenticity. I take little for granted. I am grateful on a daily basis for everything – my family, my children, my husband, my city, nature and the ability to work in a field that inspires me daily.

How did you get into the design space and what have you learnt about the industry since starting out?

My background is in retail buying which I absolutely loved. But when I became a mom, I knew I couldn’t go back to 9-5. I always wanted to run my own business and at the time, photography was my hobby. I started a business selling my photographic art, which I printed on a host of media, especially large format. I realised that interior designers were the best target market but after a couple years it dawned on me that they didn’t only want photography for their installations. I started to put ranges together based on the trends of the season, but my key was always to offer clients the ability to customise their designs. There is nothing worse than finding a design you love but the shade of green is completely wrong. Interior designers require this service and its worked well for us.

Chinoiserie inspired wallpaper. Image: Supplied

Chinoiserie is a hot trend in the décor world.  Please tell us more…

Chinoiserie is the influence of the East in western style décor. It’s decorative, often quite busy and colourful. This trend in wallpaper often has designers covering all four walls instead of doing one feature wall, which up till now has been the trend. Think high-ceilinged rooms in old English or French palaces covered wall-to-wall in beautiful blue wallpaper made up of pheasants, trees and people having a picnic.

Some people are averse to wallpaper thinking it’s too much or unnecessary – please school those who don’t understand the purpose of wallpaper...

A wallpaper can often be ALL you need in a room and very little else. I have one designer that I work with that struggles to complete a room without wallpaper because she worries it will become cluttered or busy with artwork and objects. It’s a clean and neat way to decorate a space or it can offer the perfect layer from which to start from.

What is the one piece of art, furniture or design item you are coveting for your home right now?

Any David Krynauw’s chairs or a post-modern couch from The New Modernist.

An artist designer that you think is “one to watch”…

I don’t really get too much time to check out the who’s who, but I am an Instagram junky, so fashionista Simon Porte Jacquemus and Kirsten Sims’ paintings.

This flower on the wall is no wallflower. Image: Supplied

Feature Image: Supplied