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22 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Beautiful Flower Arrangement Ideas

From live tutorials to flower-growing tips, these are the industry-leaders we follow on Instagram for flower arranging inspiration

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By House & Garden | March 5, 2024 | Diy

From painterly compositions to single stem tablescapes, these accounts will fill your feed with floral joy.

Milli Proust

If you're a fan of Old Masters paintings, then you'll likely be a fan of Milli Proust and her utterly wonderful flowers. She grows them all in West Sussex and her Instagram is a veritable delight of flowers of every size, shape and colour.

Schentell Nunn

LA-based florist Schentell Nunn runs Offerings, a floral design studio whose arrangements burst from their vases. They are impressive clouds of flowers, chosen for their tonal similarities in each bouquet. Her designs are painterly in style.

Willow Crossley

While many accounts are good to follow for inspiring imagery, Willow is one to follow for the added bonus of weekly IGTVs of her creating a new vaseful of flowers. Either watch and be soothed or follow along and become a master yourself.

Sage Flowers

What the duo behind Sage are so good at is arranging flowers in a modern style using unusual species, but with a classical training that grounds them. They respect the rules of floristry but do so in very much their own style.


From swooping bouquets to individually displayed stems, Aesme is full of ideas that work for everything from a hallway table to tablescapes. Expect delicate stems and the prettiest colours.

Philippa Craddock

A florist who needs no introduction, Philippa is the genius behind Harry & Meghan's wedding flowers. She is classical and her designs are as elegant as they come. On Instagram, she shares her designs and IGTV classes, but for more, she has launched a floristry school that you can sign up to now.

Kitten Grayson

From her own cutting garden in Somerset, Kitten has become a renowned name in floristry for her simple, sculptural designs. She's not one to pack in lots of varieties of bloom into an arrangement, but instead highlight one or two varieties using height to create the most wonderful shapes.

Frances Palmer

Potter Frances Palmer makes her own vases and they showcase stems in the most glorious fashion. She uses a lot of Dutch-style tulip vases, as well as shallow bowls to create beguiling arrangements of glorious flowers, all grown at her own house.


Florence Kennedy has expanded her flower delivery business – which has always had the USP of bouquets delivered by bike – and is now cultivating her own cutting garden. In doing so, she's displaying some lovely lesser-known varieties in her arrangements.

Lewis Miller

Many will be familiar with Lewis Miller's work, without perhaps knowing who is behind it; that's because Lewis is the florist responsible for 'flower bombing' many of New York's bins. He creates installations on a huge scale, as well as showcasing some smaller designs on his Instagram too. Lewis is a master of impressive bouquets in bold colours.

Hazel Gardiner

The best way to take inspiration from floral designer Hazel Gardiner's account is via her stories, where she will occasionally drop a live tutorial for her followers.

Amy McGee

Podcast host Amy runs @botanicalbrouhaha and uses her account to highlight the florists that she interviews and finds along the way. It's one to follow for a wide-ranging display of designs and constant fresh accounts to hook on to.

Eva Nemeth

A name that should be familiar to House & Garden readers, Eva regularly photographs the gardens that appear on the pages of the magazine, so you can rest assured that her Instagram account is as good as they come. Eva's floral arrangements centre around a more naturalistic approach, using blossom branches and small stems that she gathers from her garden or on country walks.

Bia Blooms

In three words, these flowers are big, bright and beautiful. Based in LA, Bia Blooms is a florist whose creations bring a bolt of joy to your feed.

Frida Kim

If traditional floral arrangements don't interest you as much, Frida is one to watch for her creations that are much sculptures as they are bouquets.

Juliet Glaves

Floral stylist Juliet does a lot of work on photoshoots, creating sets, headpieces and bouquets. As a result, her Instagram is full of unusual and creative ways to work with flowers, but always in a sustainable way.

Worm London

It is worth following the Worm London team as much for their flowers as for the vases and vessels they place them in. They are excellent at creating something a little offbeat, either on a very large or rather small scale.

La Tuile à Loup

If you like traditional, huge bouquets of flowers, you will like La Tuile à Loup. Used as an accessory for their tableware products, the flowers on show are always as impressive as they come.

Electric Daisy Flower Farm

Sustainability is something that we concern ourselves with more and more each day, and Fiona Haser Bizony is at the forefront of the conversation around sustainable floristry. Follow her account not just for the beautiful arrangements but also an education into making your own practices more eco-friendly.

Rebel Rebel

For bright colours and a modern eye, Rebel Rebel is one to watch. The east London-based florists create tantalisingly vibrant arrangements using the most attention-grabbing flowers.

Swallows & Damsons

Another florist whose arrangements appear to be inspired by classical Dutch paintings, Anna Potter's work is a marvel. She uses scale in a dramatic way to create something quite astounding.

Palais Flowers

Emma Weaver is the talent behind Palais London, a floral workshop that specialises in installations and window displays as well as bouquets. As such, her creations are large and inventive, giving lots of new ideas about how to arrange flowers and position them for great scale.

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