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3 tasteful ways to style your family portraits

These trendy ideas will help you tastefully display your family pictures

By Gerry Cupido | April 24, 2021 | Diy

Picture: Unsplash

We’re constantly using our phones to take pictures of our loved ones. Most of the time those pictures only exist in virtual space and are rarely get printed any more.

The only photo albums this generation knows are the album folders on our phone or Facebook!

Gone are the days when you could sit down with a dusty photo album flipping through old photographs and take a trip down memory lane.

Fortunately there are still some people who take the time and effort to have their favourite camera phone pictures printed.

Professional photographers are more ready available now as well So it’s not uncommon to see folks doing elaborate family photoshoots.

The best way to do justice to those amazing photographs is by displaying them creatively and correctly in your home.

What’s the point in going through all of the trouble of getting those prints done only to stick them on a wall with sticky tape? You’re home isn’t a teenagers bedroom!

Here are three simple, impactful and tasteful ways to display your family portraits.

The big picture

By big, I mean anything from A2 size and up. A family portrait works best. Especially if it’s one of those pictures you had taken by a professional in a scenic setting. It creates a feel of an art piece. Stay away from close-ups. Display these dramatic images in your entrance hall or over the fireplace.

Keep it simple

This set up works best when using the same picture size and frame design. A single portrait per frame. Create uniformity by treating the images in the same style. Here black-and-white images are most striking. Place frames in a straight horizontal row for a slick modern look.

Any large wall space is perfect for this concept. Turn your wall into a gallery by displaying different moments. From the silly happy snaps to the old black-and-white image of your great-grandparents.

If you prefer to keep it more uniform, stick to using one style photo frame. A solid black or white frame works well.

If you’re collector of picture frames, different styles and sizes, you can create a more eclectic feel to your gallery wall. Arranging your images like puzzle pieces to create one large “picture”.