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How to spruce up your kitchen with a statement shelf

“Shelfies” are the new favourite corner of the home

By House & Garden South Africa | January 15, 2021 | Diy

Statement walls have long been the most popular way to showcase anything from vibrant colours in tasteful doses to stylish artwork, photographs and beautiful wallpaper without overwhelming the overall interior design of a room.

Pinterest Insights show that “shelfies” are the new favourite corner of the home with searches for terms like “copper pots”, “coloured glasses”, “kitchen floating shelves” and “plate racks” soaring in recent months.

Pictures of pretty nooks adorned with porcelain tea sets, mason jars filled with fancy salts and spices and shiny pots and pans are sure to flood social media very soon as we hunt down fun ways to display our cookware and crockery.

Bringing kitchens to life in both functional and creative ways, statement shelves are a simple decor solution that offers big results.

If you’ve been spending more time in your kitchen than ever before, perhaps after discovering a hidden talent for whipping up dalgona coffee or banana bread, this is the trend for you.

Being an area that’s not commonly shared with guests, kitchens tend to get left for last when it comes to decorating.

But, if last year taught us anything, it’s that living spaces should bring about a sense of joy to those spending most of their time there and this is a great start to achieving that.

How to spruce up your kitchen with a statement shelf:

Beautiful shelving

Floating shelves are very en vogue right now. Picture: Pinterest.

Minimalist kitchens best suit floating shelves either painted in a similar shade to the wall it is secured to. This way it will serve its purpose without creating too much of a distraction or breaking up space.

However, if you’re after a more eclectic look try incorporating a mix of themes together.

Natural exposed wood or a shelf that boasts ornate carvings covered in a solid coat of bright paint is very trendy at the moment and looks absolutely stunning when complete with all the other decor pieces.


Put all your precious cutlery, crockery and cookware out on display. Picture: Pinterest.

Why hide all the beautiful crockery and cookware you’ve accumulated over the years when it deserves to be put on full display?

Placing them on a shelf will not only give you easy access to your dishes, pots and pans whilst cooking, but it also adds an element of interest to an otherwise dull and boring space.

Pick cookware that complement each other, brass and copper pans will stand out next to white crockery with a matte glaze. Patterned plates and coloured glass also deserve their moment and will

Frame it

Frame your statement shelf with unique tiling. Picture: Pinterest.

Much like a statement wall needs colour and contrast to stand out, so does a “shelfie”. Use a varying colour of paint or a different texture in the form of tiling or exposed brick to frame your statement shelf area.

This will help draw the eye to that little nook in your kitchen and frame and highlight it in a way that separates it from the rest of your decor.

Patterned tiles, glossy white tiles, earthy brick or paint in any colour you wish will do the trick.

Add little details

Mix and match colours for an eclectic look. Picture: Pinterest.

Your favourite cookbook opened up on a recipe for summer chicken salad, a bowl of fresh oranges and lemons, jars of spices like cinnamon sticks and star anise and even potted plants with vines that creep over the shelf edge - there are so many ways to add a personal touch to your display.

Colour pops

Coloured glass is a great way to add brightness to your kitchen decor. Picture: Pinterest.

Match your shelf decor to your overall kitchen colour palette. Glasses, clay crockery and little trinkets in varying shades of the same hue create a very striking effect.

However, if your kitchen decor is more understated, use this as an opportunity to add bright pops of colour.

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