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5 interesting things about terrariums that will make you want one today

A few reasons why terrariums will become your new favourite hobby

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By Edwain Steenkamp  | August 22, 2023 | Gardens

There’s just something undeniably magic about a terrarium. Each one contains a world of wonders, on the smallest of scales, and we just can’t get enough of them. Read on for interesting facts about terrariums that will make you want one today.

They are a complete miniature ecosystem

Often referred to as a microcosm, an enclosed terrarium can host an entire ecosystem that can thrive even when left completely alone. In fact, when it’s perfectly balanced and kept in the right spot, it can theoretically live untouched – and thriving – for decades. David Latimer, proved this, after revealing his perfectly balanced terrarium that thrived for more than 50 years!

They need very little – and sometimes no – maintenance

You heard that right. This makes these little gems a breeze for homemakers and aspiring gardeners who don’t necessarily have time or resources to have a large garden. Additionally, the pay off is big because terrariums look every bit as good as they are interesting, making them ideal decorative focal points in the home.

They are highly customisable

Quite honestly, the possibilities for decorating and customising are endless. Whether you fancy gemstones, are interesting fungi (or even insects), terrariums can look exactly the way you want them to, and can even evolve over time as your mood and tastes change.

With so many options to house and fill a terrarium, your design can be deeply personal to suit your mood and taste. Image by Keszthelyi Timi via Unsplash

They can thrive almost anywhere

No matter where you live – in the harsh arid Karoo, or the icy plains of Alaska – terrariums can flourish anywhere if kept indoors. This is because they can trap heat inside, creating just enough moisture to keep all the living things inside happy.

They are among the most educational activities

This is especially the case if you opt for a terrarium that needs some maintenance. You’ll learn about heat regulation, plant types, nutrients, insects, and many other elements that make up an ecosystem. Often, these new skills can be applied in other areas of gardening. It’s the perfect DIY hobby!

Bonus: they’re so easy to build

Don’t believe us? Well, House & Garden SA along with TikTok is hosting our very first DIY event, where you can learn how to make your very own terrarium – and keep your handy work to take home with you! Additionally, you’ll also have the opportunity to try your hand at candle-making. With good company, good food, and lots of activities to keep you entertained, this is event you cannot miss! Click here to book your tickets now.

Image: by Maud Bocquillod via Unsplash