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6 travel inspiration balcony ideas to update your own this summer

While our minds are still away on holiday, we have 6 beautiful balconies from across the world to draw inspiration from

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By Yashna Balwanth | January 5, 2023 | Gardens

1. Natural materials like wood and stone make great finishes

Wood is such a universal material that it can be used in almost any part of the house. From indoor to outdoor and if treated correctly, wooden furniture makes for some great outdoor pieces. For a cohesive look, be sure to use the same shades of wood on your balcony so it won’t look disjointed and unharmonious.

Use wooden furniture to blend with your wooden balcony, Image: Unsplash

2. Splashes of warm fabrics create a cosy environment

Outdoor rugs and lounging sofas with embroidered scatter cushions sound dreamy and oh-so-inviting. As long as your fabrics are catered for the outdoors, you can create a soft and plush balcony that will serve you all summer long. Consider brighter shades with beautiful patterns for an inspirational Moroccan look to your space.

Some inspiration from a Turkish balcony filled with colour and warmth, Image: Unsplash

3. It’s sometimes all about the views

With endless views of beautiful city lights, mountains or vineyards, sometimes the best accessory to your balcony is the view itself. Keep your balcony clutter-free and let the views of the outdoors speak for themselves. Keep a simple bench and table handy for the best sundowners with family and friends.

Let the views of the vineyards speak for themselves, Image: Unsplash

4. Add pops of greenery from floor to ceiling

When in doubt, plant it out. Plants are a lifesaver when you are not sure what to put onto your balcony. From low hedges to hanging ferns, not only are they great for the environment with the boosted oxygen levels, but also provide a sense of calmness with creating a natural surrounding. Be sure to include outdoor plants that can withstand the elements and will survive extreme wind, rain or sun.

Little balconies with blue shutters and red flowers create a beautiful contrast, Image: Unsplash

5. Keep it simple and elegant with minimal furniture

To accentuate your balcony and not disturb your landscape views, include low lying furniture that would compliment the space. Keep your furniture simple and the decor minimal with uncluttered pieces such as longer wooden tables single stools.

6. Create a well lit and comfortable patio

If you intend on spending those long summer nights out on the balcony, lighting is your best friend. Portable lighting solutions are a great way to add necessary brightness to the space without overcomplicating wires and cables. If you do have a power source though, wall scounces add a soft touch to the balcony.