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A Guide to Displaying beautiful Ranunculus, the trendy flower blooming right now

Ranunculus flower from August, during spring and early summer and are wonderfully versatile

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By House & Garden South Africa | October 12, 2023 | Gardens

While stores sell bouquets of flowers year-round, it is important to pay attention to when your favourite flowers are set to bloom. Savvy garden enthusiasts will also know that Spring is probably the most expensive time to buy plants and flowers because of the blooming excitement in the air. From August to November is a wonderful time to pick up a bouquet or two of ranunculus, also known as a ‘Persion Buttercup’.

Ranunculus is a wonderfully complementary flower in that they can sit beautifully solo in any vessel and incorporated with bouquets of other flowers, fynbos, and grasses. Their leaves mimic parsley in their sharp shape and add a lovely filler of green to a flower arrangement. The unique shape of ranunculus, their full petals, and soft nature makes it one of the most versatile flowers to purchase this spring for indoor displays and garden entertainment.

Minimalist Floral Arrangement

The leaves of a ranunculus can look a bit weed-like and wild. Cut these leaves down for a clean stem, allowing the petals to be the focus of the floral arrangement. For centuries, ranunculus have carried a symbol of charm and beauty, making them perfect for centre-pieces of living areas, beauty rooms, and bedrooms. ranunculus are a beautiful flower for a minimal, one-flower-arrangement because the have the ability to reflect UV light (especially the ‘butterfly ranunculus’ variety). This will help this minimalist arrangement bloom vibrantly in the sun from any angle, but can attract bees, which will polllinate the flower. The mirror-like cells of the flower’s petals bounce light through small air gaps between them.

Ranunculus flowers have the ability to reflect UV light, which helps minimalist arrangement bloom vibrantly in the sun. Image via Pexels.

Blush-Coloured Bouquets with soft tones

Ranunculus come in a variety of colours from bold burgundy, vibrant yellow, to soft blushy pink and white. The best part about this variety of colour is ranunculus can easily be incorporated into any floral arrangement without overpowering other flowers. Light pink can be incorporated with other flowers like irises, peonies, snap dragons, or even roses despite their similar resemblance. You can easily make ranunculus purchased from a supermarket look like a professionally curated flower arrangement by pairing them with contrasting fynbos and penny gum for a feminine, yet rustic aesthetic.

These light pink ranunculus flowers can be incorporated with other flowers like irises, peonies, snap dragons, or even roses. Image via Pexels.

Place Smaller, Broken Stems in tiny Vessels

The reality of ranunculus flowers is they are very delicate from their petals to their stems, and may snap as you transport them home. But, they can be salvaged by placing them in smaller vessels after trimming back their leaves.

Ranunculus are dainty and delicate, and might snap en route home from the flower shop, supermarket, or local farmer’s market. Image via Pexels.

Split a Ranunculus Bunch Across Multiple vases

If you have a generous ranunculus bunch, why not split it up across multiple vases? Think about it, this way you can have multiple vases of flowers throughout your home, as well as lightening the load from a single vessel. A pro tip to extending the lifespan of your ranunculus throughout multiple vases is to mix warm water, plant food, and a teaspoon of sugar before placing your flowers in their designated vessel.