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A summer guide for coastal & inland gardens

A few tips from Life is a Garden to help you maintain your garden in coastal and inland regions this season

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By House & Garden South Africa | January 5, 2022 | Gardens

Summer is here and we will all be spending more time outdoors with our family and friends for the next few months.

To ensure that every experience is pleasant and that you get the most out of your crops, blooming fauna and flora, and your outdoor entertainment areas, here are a few tips from the experts at Life is a Garden.

Inland Gardening

(Gauteng, Free State, North West, Mpumalanga and Limpopo)

1. Check and treat your pool for algae growth and clean up the paved surrounds. Check for any loose paving and repair.

2. To avoid blight on tomatoes and mildew on cucumbers, squash and pumpkins, water them early in the morning to allow the leaves time to dry off before nightfall.

3. Give citrus trees their mid-season feed of granular fertiliser.

4. Planting seed potatoes in December and January will produce a harvest in April and May for storing and eating during winter.

Coastal Gardening

(Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, and KwaZulu-Natal)

1. Weed the garden – after weeding, place a layer of organic mulch over every last inch of soil. Mulching not only saves water and time when you’re busy entertaining family over the festive season but will also provide a professional and well-cared-for look and will display existing plants to their best advantage.

2. Refresh your garden furniture by giving them a fresh coat of paint. While your paintbrush is out, give your garden shed, picket fences and pots a fresh coat too. Make new slipcovers for scatter cushions or treat yourself to some new soft furnishings for your garden.

3. Summer pests are prevalent now, so keep a watch out and treat quickly with the correct formula suggested by your local Garden Centre GCA.