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5 fireplace ideas to keep your home warm and cosy

We may be nearing the end of winter, but this does not mean the end of the cold. These are five fireplace ideas to keep you warm and toasty at home

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By Yashna Balwanth | August 30, 2022 | Interiors

While winter is almost over, the chills are still in the air and we can’t help but run to our favourite electric blankets, heaters and fireplaces of course to keep warm. Whether you live in a house or apartment, these are five fireplace ideas for you to try before winter is over.

1. GAS

Probably the most popular option currently, gas fireplaces are high in demand when it comes to warming the home. The advantage of not relying on electricity for one makes this a great option to have, along with the minimal mess gas fireplaces provide (no smoke or ash to clean). They provide variety in terms of their design so are able to suit any home from contemporary to vintage. With newer technology, they are also becoming increasingly realistic in design to wooden fireplaces, you almost wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. There is always the risk of excess carbon monoxide being released, so just be sure to have monitors installed to check these levels are safe at all times.


A perfect option for renters or apartment living, portable fireplaces are making their mark as a pretty option to add ambience to your home. Great for use in any room, especially the living area for its aesthetic appeal, these fireplaces are operated with ethanol, meaning no smoke or vapours, and therefore don’t require any vents, making them easy to transport around the house. The downside however is that they are mainly used for their appearance and not generally their warmth. The portable fireplace itself is rather small as it sits atop a coffee or side table, so it does not heat as much as a gas or electric fireplace would. They are relatively cheaper from a price point as an initial cost, but the ethanol fuel does not last as long as some of the other options, so it would be best used for a shorter period.


While looking like a flame but not actually being one, electric fireplaces are heaters with an added flame appeal. They are connected via plug-in sockets and remote-controlled to adjust the flames, the heat and the colour. There are a variety of mounting options available, making it a good option for apartments as well. While the cost of a fireplace like this is relatively low, the usage of electricity can be quite high, and we all know load shedding isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


More on the traditional side of fireplaces, you can never go wrong with a classic wood fireplace. The crackling sounds, the smoky aromas and the aesthetics brought about by burning wood are no comparison when trying to achieve the rustic look within your home. Older homes generally have a wood fireplace already built in and just require some maintenance and cleaning than the installation of a full unit, keeping the costs fairly low with wood being your main expense. This style of fireplaces cannot be installed in an apartment for obvious reasons of the chimney not having anywhere to go, and are also generally not installed in contemporary homes since rustic and current are not really seen together from a design point of view. These fireplaces are also not the safest, because the embers released may spread onto the carpet or curtain nearby if not correctly protected with mesh panels.


Relatively new to the fireplace category, pellet fireplaces are a hybrid of gas, electric and wood in a way. They operate with a plug-in socket to control the ventilation part and depending on the model you choose, automatically or manually loaded with pellets. They do require a ventilator system, so not ideal for apartments, but perfect for townhouses or smaller homes that require heating in just one room. Pellet fireplaces get bonus points for being highly eco-friendly, which include the pellets being made from wood byproducts or alternative biomass such as corn, grain and other natural products that would be discarded as waste. They are rather minimal in size and use less electricity than the other options of fireplaces on offer. As long as these appliances are regularly maintained, they will last many years before having to be replaced, making them a good investment for your home.

A rustic stone clad wood fireplace, Image: Unsplash