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4 Bathroom Design Ideas From Our Favourite Luxury Hotels Around the World

Luxury hotel bathrooms recreate a spa-like setting using colour, fabulous textiles, and added bespoke amenities, so should you

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By House & Garden South Africa | February 26, 2024 | Bathroom

Awash in a sense of spa-like luxury, hotel bathrooms are a liminal space that has the power to transport us to another world where our daily routines are more splendid and our home’s bathroom is just as sumptuous. Go ahead, soak it all in, but these short stints in hotel bathrooms doesn’t mean your bathroom cannot be just as divine.

Through design give your bathroom the textured treatment, create a zen environment, or keep things serene and simple. We’ve tapped some of our favourite luxury hotels from around the world to draw inspiration for bathroom renovations and design fixes to upgrade our bathrooms in 2024.

Add a Colourful Backsplash Around Your Bath Tub or Shower

Modern bathrooms tend to lack colour and whimsy in exchange for stark textures and minimalist palettes, which many maximalists would argue feel too clinical. However, there is one design tool method that bridges more simple bathroom designs with colourful print lovers: The tiled backsplash.

Seemingly reserved for kitchen counters, the tiled backsplash is a design used to inject colour and texture to contrast a more modern and monochromatic space. If your bathroom is currently in need of colour, tiles are always a great way to introduce colour and texture. Instead of tiling your shower walls, consider tiling the area that surrounds your free-standing bathtub like thee green and orange tiles that surround this brass bathtub at Casa de Sierra Nevada, a Belmond Hotel in Mexico.

Bathroom at Casa de Sierra Nevada, A Belmond Hotel, Mexico. Photography by Edgardo Contreras.

You Can Never Go Wrong With an Outdoor Shower

Installing an outdoor shower brings a unique style of luxury to one’s home. Your outdoor shower can be as easy as simply mounting a shower head in a discreet corner or as elaborate as creating a dedicated outdoor shower area behind your primary bathroom. This outdoor shower at Savute Elephant Lodge in Botswana shows how easy it is to create a cosy and romantic (yet adventurous for some) outdoor shower hidden in plain sight thanks to natural features.

Belmond Safaris, Savute Elephant Lodge, Botswana. Photography by Mark Williams.

Create Illusion of Space Using Mirrors

A simple trick on the eye, using mirrors in a small bathroom gives the illusion of space. But when it comes to strategically placing a mirror in a small space, you need to know how to properly use them. In this small bathroom at Castello di Casole in Tuscany, the vintage feeling comes from pairing glossy marble tiles with a large mirror that spans the length of the bath tub. The mirror here creates both reflective and romantic feelings.

A large mirror creates sense of space in this small bathroom at Castello di Casole in Tuscany. Photography by Mattia Aquila.

Yes, You Can Partition Your Bathroom Using Curtains

While curtains are seemingly reserved for doors and windows outside of the bathroom, introducing them into your bathroom adds a layer of softness and privacy. Go beyond a flimsy shower curtain and introduce luxurious bathroom curtains with stunning prints and tasselled details. However, with enough between the wet area and the window, floor-length curtains are safe bet adding extra luxury to any bathroom.

With enough between the wet area and the window, floor-length curtains are safe bet adding extra luxury to any bathroom. Photography by Mattia Aquila.