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Design Trends: How to Incorporate Stripes into Your Home Decor

Sophisticated and rhythmic, here’s how to use stripes set to be one of 2024’s biggest interiors trend

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By House & Garden South Africa | February 20, 2024 | Trends

In 2024, there is set to be a push and pull between following trends seen in some of the world’s most stunning homes and crafting personalised spaces that are both comfortable and sophisticated.

But few interior design notes bridge this gap between contemporary trend and timeless elegance like the classic stripe. The stripe revival has been seen throughout both fashion trends and homeware trends, which can be credited to Gen-Z’s lust for an Ivy League University-Inspired lifestyle where classic prints, colours, and silhouettes dictate style choices.

But, stripes have forever and will continue to be in style. Picture spaces where striped canopies, table cloths and linen napkins exude a air of heritage and elegance. Today’s striped interiors are classic yet daring set against the recent years’ appetite for minimalist designs.

In the Bedroom: Pinstriped Linen and Headboards

If you are looking to inject some colour into an otherwise neutral bedroom, consider picking up some striped bedding. Available in an array of colourways the addition of striped bedding adds colour in an approachable manner that more bold bedding can address more aggressively.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer a more playful striped addition to your room, upholstered headboards or bedroom bench carve a colourful path throughout the bedroom from the foot of the bed all the way to your head. Plus, striped wallpaper works perfectly in a genderless children’s bedroom.

In the Bathroom: Incorporate Striped Tiles

Every room looks better with a stripe. Their playful nature makes any space instantly more exciting as you play with different colours, proportions and placements. While the addition of striped towels in the bathroom is a simple solution to your home’s lack of stripes, we say go all the way with integrating striped tiles as seen in this shower by designer Emma Ainscough. Slim pinstripes also have the power to create the illusion of a larger space in a small room like a guest bathroom.

In the Living Room: Accessorise With Bold Stripes

If you aren’t ready to go all the way with striped furniture, tap striped accessories like scatter cushions, throws, or vases for a low commitment affair. Starting small with accessories in your living room will help you strike the balance between the striped trend and maintaining your home’s pre-existing charm. Consider the colour combinations and proportions of stripes you want to see in your living room or where stripes can introduce some much-needed structure.

In the Garden: Throw Shade With a Striped Umbrella

Umbrellas are a great addition to any outdoor area, providing both shade and style. Crafted to add playfulness to a patio, a striped umbrella exudes summer bliss and a slightly retro aesthetic. Providing a sense of tranquillity and sophistication, a striped umbrella can inject an Italian ‘La Dolce Vita’ flair to your patio this summer.

In the Office: Striped Artwork and Framing

Adding stripes to your office can also be a simple DIY project that adds seaside sophistication to an otherwise quite serious room. Consider painting picture or mirror frames in a set of stripes that match your office’s colour palette. Framed artwork featuring striped motifs like Shells and Stripes by UK artist Sarah Lewis is another creative and cerebral addition of stripes to any room. We love co-ordinating wall art with your office stationary for a consistent theme throughout.