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Save, Spend, Splurge: Comfortable and Stylish Linen that isn't Just White

Prepare for your cosiest bed ever with a fresh set of colour bedding and matching pillows

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By House & Garden South Africa | February 7, 2024 | Shopping

Finding the best bedding arguably makes our sleep better. Come winter or summer we are layering our beds (yes, we use the layering technique to combine colours and create a fuller duvet) with high-quality bedding and pillow cases. While duvet covers can get very expensive, it can be difficult to find the right bedding to fit your budget, and you bed - it’s not like you can try on bedding to see what fits.

Plus, your linen doesn’t always have to be crisp whites layered with stiff bedding accoutrement. Let there be bold colour and prints in soft, comforting materials that keep one both cool, yet warm at night. While it is definitely easier (and can be budget-friendlier), to start with a neutral, add colour, and then layer with patterns, there is also something so fun about flipping the script: Start with a pattern, add some colour, and top your bed off with a neutral.

Here are some of our editor-approved bedding across three price brackets available locally, perfect for elevating your bed and sleeping experience.

Save: Patterned Floral Bedding by H&M Home, R749

A delicately patterned duvet cover boasts a simple palette that complements any pre-existing white sheets in your linen cupboard, unifying the chromatic tone of the bed. This duvet set by H&M Home is a charming and of course, delicately patterned spread to ease anyone into the world of print bedding. Dainty floral motifs in pink and red set atop an off-white base creates an airy and romantic linen experience.

Patterned Floral Bedding by H&M Home, R749. Image: Supplied.

Available through

Spend: Washed Tufted Cotton Duvet Cover Set from Woolworths, R1,399

Your bedding is an easy opportunity to cement the (colour) tone for your bed’s overall look. Test different colour combinations like tropical tones, bring the drama with wine rouge and navy, or tap sunset hues for a richly-coloured bedding palette.

Here, a Washed Tufted Cotton Duvet Cover Set in the shade terracotta introduces not only a pop of colour, but a modern feel with its textural tufts at the foot.

Washed Tufted Cotton Duvet Cover Set from Woolworths, R1,399. Image: Supplied.

Available through

Splurge: Kamma Linen Duvet Cover by Mungo Designs, FROM R3,685

Few local textile manufacturers create as lovely of a product (and overall experience) as the folk at Mungo Design. So, it would feel like an injustice to overlook the wonderful work and crisp linen by Mungo.

The Kamma Linen Duvet Cover is a luxurious spread made using 100% linen and features mother of pearl hidden buttons, building character and softness with time and use. Choosing your bedding is a pivotal move when designing your bedroom as the bed in most cases, is the focal point.