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Save, Spend, Splurge: Vibrant Scatter Cushions to Introduce Colour and Texture into Your Space

Scatter, sprinkle, and arrange your space’s colour palette with the help of scatter cushions that do some real aesthetic heavy lifting

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By House & Garden South Africa | January 31, 2024 | Shopping

If we have learned anything from the interior decor trends on Pinterest and TikTok, it’s that the world is looking for refreshing injections of colour into our minimalist, beige interiors. Luckily, introduce a fresh wash of colour into a space doesn’t necessarily require a four-walled paint job or an entire overhaul of your space’s aesthetic. Adding colour to your space can be as easy as buying two or three scatter cushions that elevate the entire mood of your space.

Styling your scatter cushions like a pro only requires you to decide on your colour palette or your space’s overall colour story. Our tip to starting your scatter cushion collection is to pull from colours that already exist within a space and then pair this with an accent-coloured cushion.

We say using two or three cushions is suitable because they will be solid reflection of colours pulled from other sources in your room. Look at the colour of your wall, the tones within a rug, and the different shades within (and absent from) your linen.

Regardless of your home’s colour palette and decor budget, there is a scatter cushion for every couch, bench, and bed suited for every budget.

Save: Aalya Scatter Cushion from Poetry of Living, R399

Add some trendy colours as well as textures to your home with the help of your new scatter cushions. Keep your eye out for scatter cushions whose colours not only accent your space, but the texture too. A knitted cushion cover creates a sense of coziness, an embroidered cushion creates a exotic feeling, whereas a luxurious velvet cushion elevates the space.

We’re tapping Poetry’s Aalya Scatter Cushion in this honey-yellow shade that sports a contrasting stitch and tassel detail, which adds an exotic, yet trendy warmth to any space. We recommend this cushion for atop your bed nook or a bay window.

Aalya Scatter Cushion from Poetry of Living, R399. Image: Supplied.

Available through

Spend: Suzani hand-embroidered cushions From India Ink, R700

Patterns are also important to consider when buying your new scatter cushions. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns in fear of clashing. We recommend pairing a floral, one geometric, and one solid coloured cushion for a fusion of fun shades.

For a fresh injection of patterns, we turn to India Ink, a delightful purveyor of bohemian textiles like throws, linen, and reusable napkins. We have our eyes on their Suzani cushions: ’Suzani’ means needlework, and have become synonymous with the charming embroideries of Uzbekistan, and Central Asia.

Each motif on the cushion is used to bring joy and ward off all evil from the home, making it the perfect patterned addition to your space.

Suzani hand-embroidered cushions From India Ink, R700

Available through

Splurge: Horsebit Velvet Jacquard Cushion from Gucci, R 16,900

Your home decor is an expression of your personal tastes. To take it further, your cushions are a reflection of your favourite colours, the textures that comfort you, and patterns that catch your eye. Think about the home decor in your space that reflect your travels, your favourite hobby, and your personal style. So why not indulge your sartorial side with a luxurious statement cushion?

For a bold statement, we are looking to Gucci’s Cruise 2024 collection where archival Horsbit symbols reign supreme. This jacquard print decorates all over the velvet cover in dark green paired with paired back dark green leather back completes the design with the addition of a Gucci label.

Don’t forget, the inner you choose for your cushions will affect the appearance.

Horsebit Velvet Jacquard Cushion from Gucci, R 16,900

Available through

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