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Save, Spend, Splurge: The Best Desk Lamps For the Modern Work Spot

Don’t let your workspace be left in the dark. Opt for desk lamps that are robust, polished and sculptural

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | January 10, 2024 | Shopping

In this week’s edition of Save, Spend, Splurge, we’re shedding a light on one of the desk’s unsung heroes: The desk lamp. But when you’re searching for your next desktop lighting, consider factors like adjustability, design, and source of light. With the unreliability of our electrical supply, there's no denying that light is precious.

As with most challenges in life, though, good design is here to save the day. Whether you're looking to illuminate passageways or patios, portable lights make for excellent night-time companions - simply take them where you need them most, and you'll never be left in the dark.

Opt for pieces that are robust, polished and sculptural. This way, when the main power goes off, your lighting solutions will seem less DIY, and more informed. When your backup lighting becomes the star attraction in your home, you'll almost be tempted to turn the main lights off all night long.

Save: ‘Morel’ Rechargable Portable Lamp by Haus Republik, R579

Morel’ Rechargable Portable Lamp by Haus Republik, R579. Image: Supplied.

Gone are the days where desk lamps are only architectural draft-table-like lamps with an adjustable arm and lamp shade. Today, funkier shapes and smooth silhouettes reign supreme. On top of that, rechargable lamps have flooded the market, making now the perfect time to pick up a portable and load shedding proof lamp like Haus Republik’s Moral lamp, named after the moral mushroom.

Spend: 'Medupi’ Rechargable Lamp by Iconomy, R1,599

Never be left in the dark with a more minimalist take on the art-deco-inspired ‘Medupi’ lamp by Iconomy. The shape of the lamp’s shade and placement of light source produces a warm downward facing lighting. Not only will this lamp sit pretty on any work desk, but can be used to create a modern, yet romantic ambiance to any dinner table.

'Medupi’ Rechargable Lamp by Iconomy, R999. Image: Supplied.

Splurge: ‘Mariposa’ Floor Lamp by Kare Design, R9 100

If you're unable to renovate - whether it's owing to budget restraints or because you're renting your space - floor lamps are the perfect design addition to transform both the interior design and how it's lit. Invest in high-end pieces that will last you a lifetime, and as your mood and tastes change over time - which it inevitably will - you can move the lights from room to room, and home to home without needing to commit to permanent fixtures. In finding the right spot - even if it's temporary - remember that these beautiful pieces are also very practical. As task lights, they should be placed at a comfortable distance from sofas or tables, where they can illuminate the space without flooding your immediate environment with harsh light.

‘Mariposa’ Floor Lamp by Kare Design, R9 100. Image: Supplied