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Save, Spend, Splurge: The Best Blankets For Relaxation and Decorative Touches

Blankets are one of the MVP’s of the home for their functionality, decorative flair, and the makes great gifts

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | November 15, 2023 | Shopping

What makes the best blanket? Surely the perfect blanket is soft, durable, and stylish, plus it should keep you warm. But different seasons call for different degrees of warmth, while different rooms of the house may call for different styles of blankets. With that being said, different thicknesses and materials will affect the price, size, and colours of any blanket. For this week’s Save, Spend, Splurge dispatch, we’ve searched the web to find the best blankets for your buck, any aesthetic, and cosiness level.

Save: Pompom Knitted Throw from Woolworths, R999

A knitted throw is a great summer or spring blanket that is both aesthetically pleasing and cosy (it feels like you’ve just put on a light sweater). Not only does a throw add a chic layer to your bed or couch, but they’re great to grab for instant snuggling. A Pompom Knitted Throw from Woolworths is a delightful addition for snuggling up in style while adding warmth to your space. Plus, the pompoms add a playful touch to your décor with its whimsical accents. Woven from pure cotton, it is perfect for styling your living space or as an additional décor element in your bedroom.

Pompom Knitted Throw from Woolworths, R999. Image: Supplied.

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Spend: Reversible ‘Kantha’ Quilt with Tassels by Poetry, R1,799

Blankets are not only for snuggles and decor, but they double as picnic blankets too. But, we are tired of boring gingham or uber practical nylon blankets that make grass more uncomfortable. This Kantha reversible quilt with tassels from Poetry is the perfect picnic companion since it is made from cotton with a block print design or as a colourful accent to your lounge suite.

Reversible ‘Kantha’ Quilt with Tassels by Poetry, R1,799. Image: supplied.

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Splurge: Louis Vuitton Neo Monogram Blanket, POA

We have all seen the Hermes blankets strewn across the couches of the rich and famous. But why not dress up your lounge suit with the classic Louis Vuitton Monogram blanket in wool and cashmere? It is perfect for cocooning at home or throwing over your shoulder for an audacious and trendy look this winter.

Neo Monogram Blanket by Louis Vuitton, POA. Image: Supplied.

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