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Save, Spend, Splurge: Coffee Tables Fit for Any Space

Your coffee table and couch are life-long companions. Here is how to find the right coffee table for your space

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | December 6, 2023 | Shopping

You might not realise it, but the humble coffee table is a small, but mighty piece of furniture in any living room. Not only do they serve a variety of functions, but come in many different sizes, shapes, and styles making them one of the most versatile (and perhaps daunting) pieces of furniture to buy.

The trick to buying the right coffee table is to first buy its lifelong companion: Your couch. Before you can decide on your coffee table, you need to look at the dimensions and style of your couch because this will determine height, material, and overall function of the table. While there may be these helpful formulas to matching your coffee table to your couch, we find there is some wiggle room as to what constitutes a functional coffee table. Here’s more on that notion now:

Save: DOMSTEN Stools From Ikea, R550 each

Stools make great modular coffee table. Let us explain: Coffee tables don’t always have to be the central element between couches and other seating options. But, if you opt for multiple stools over a single coffee table, make sure they match your aesthetic. We love these Scandinavian-style ‘DOMSTEN’ stools from Ikea that are available online for a whopping $29, or R550. The DOMSTEN stools are a perfect option for a small space for the versatility and modular nature where you can move them around for the perfect low-commitment coffee table option. Plus, they come in a variety of dopamine-inducing colours.

DOMSTEN Stools From Ikea are $29 or R550 each, excluding shipping and duties. Image via Ikea.

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Spend: Kellan Coffee Table, Block & Chisel, R8,995

The basic rule of thumb for choosing a coffee table, is that it should be 5cm shorter than your couch. The same principle goes for an outdoor coffee table, (because who says you can’t put a coffee table outside?).

We’ve picked the Kellan coffee table from Block & Chisel as the outdoor coffee table of choice for its durability as an all-weather teak coffee table with a slated top. With this gorgeous wood and timeless design, this coffee table is made to last a lifetime, with a fair price tag to match.

Kellan Coffee Table, Block & Chisel, R8,995. Image: Supplied.

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Splurge: Circa Marble Coffee Table, Lemon Furniture Co, POA

Another guiding principle for selecting a coffee table is its length, which should be two-thirds the length of your sofa. A longer coffee table presents more room for more decorative space to mingle with functional table top spots. As an exquisite centrepiece, the Circa Marble Coffee Table, designed by Yaniv Chen for Lemon Furniture is the perfect eternal splurge. The beauty of stunning marble will be on full display with your favourite coffee table books, fresh ikibana, and morning coffee.

Circa Marble Coffee Table, Lemon Furniture Co, POA. Designed by Yaniv Chen. Image: Supplied

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