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Save, Spend, Splurge: Two Seater Tables for Small Spaces

The best two-seater table is the right multi-functional piece that doesn’t take up space

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | January 18, 2024 | Shopping

The table is no longer a place to enjoy a meal at. The table must also be a desk, a storage vessel for miscellaneous objects, a through fair for groceries on their way to the kitchen, and an aesthetic feature.

When searching for a small table to fit in a small kitchen or apartment living room, consider when you’re in pursuit of a round or rectangular table. For this edition of Save, Spend, Splurge, we’ve stuck with round or café tables, which fit really well in tight corners of any room.

These are three locally available small dining tables across three price brackets:

Save: Retro Round Dining Table by Mr.Price Home, R1,300.00

If you are furnishing a small apartment, a circular bistro table is your best option. An affordable option should not only fit into your budget and space, but your lifestyle. Consider whether you are going to use your table more for dining or work. Taking these into consideration will help guide you towards also whether this Retro Round Dining Table by Mr.Price Home is right for you (since the surface is white). With so many options to pick up your next furniture finds second hand, sometimes Mr. Price Home is the place to go for an affordable table.

Retro Round Dining Table by Mr.Price Home, R1,300.00. Image: Supplied.

Available through

Spend: Round Cafe Table by Houtlander, R6,250

When the dining and sitting areas can go from feeling like a busy cafe to a bustling co-working space, a stunning yet humble oak table is a great option. The versatility of a oak wood table like the Round Café Table by Houtlander comes down to simplicity in design and function: Provide a surface for meals, crafts and activities, work from home, and surface storage.

Round Cafe Table by Houtlander, R6,250. Image: Supplied.

Available through

Splurge: Diplo Table by Dokter and Misses, R16,000

A simple two-seater table is not restricted to the classic four legs and a table top parameters. Not only can a small, circular table represent simple functionality in a space, but it can perform as a stunning design installation. Presenting the Diplo Table by Dokter and Misses where grey and white stone aggregates mingle with dyed concrete and finished off with a cork underside. What’s more is during casting, dark grey pigment is introduced to the concrete making no two bases the same for a truly unique table.

Diplo Table by Dokter and Misses, R16,000. Image: Supplied.

Available through

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