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Why This Playful Cottage Renovation filled with Candy-Coloured Designs is Taking Over Our 2024 Mood Board

Prepare to be blown away by the before and after moments in this newly renovated London Cottage by Lucy Alice

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By House & Garden | February 19, 2024 | Design

Since keeping an eye out on the transformational journeys that are home renovations, we’ve found the satisfying before and after photos to be those that result in something totally refreshing and authentic to the owner’s tastes. Plus, home renovation content that doesn’t only show the beautifully curated after photos, but the dusty and less glamorous ‘during’ moments allow us to relish in the reality of home renovations. We even have an entire collection of home renovation guides.

If you are looking for inspiration to renovate an aged home or simply revive a single room in your house, may I introduce one of my favourite home renovation Instagram accounts: Lucy Alice Home. More than just a daily journal of renovation updates, Lucy Alice Home is also the interiors’ mood board by the home’s owner, Lucy Alice (whose personal style is clear throughout the home too).

Scalloped Headboard

Your bed tends to be the focal point of the bedroom, so why not go the extra mile and treat it as such? Giving your bed the special treatment to make it a statement piece can be achieved through reupholstering an old headboard with a bright material, dressing your bed with bold linen and scatter cushions, as well as placing art above your head board. Not only are you drawing the eye towards the bed, but you are setting the scene you return to at the end of each day.

Make Your Bathroom Pink

Gone are the days when bathrooms exclusively had to be stark and clinical spaces. Today, many are opting for more colourful bathrooms with non-traditional touches such as replacing old bathroom mats with Persian rugs, adding stools for storage, and painting the walls bright and bold colours.

Don’t Be Afraid of Yellow

You may have heard of the recently viral ‘Unexpected Red Theory’ where the addition of anything red to a room automatically makes the room look and feel better. But, I’m here to flip this theory for our own unexpected yellow theory, which follows a similar notion but for the injection of graceful optimism, creativity, and warmth derived from yellow.

While Lucy Alice makes a bold, (and dare I say brave) move with a yellow carpet runner on the stairs, this is a major upgrade from the home’s former punchy blue carpeted staircase that was once paired with a tomato red wall.

Keep a Consistent Pattern Throughout Your Home

It is clear that Lucy Alice has a love for a checker board pattern as well as pinstripes. From the moment you approach the front door, you are greeted by Alice’s black and white checker board tiles before seeing these later in the home’s kitchen and master bathroom. Plus, pine stripes are also sprinkled throughout the home via colourful linen, scatter cushions, and the aforementioned scalloped headboard.