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5 items every adult should have in their bathroom

Having visually appealing yet functional items in your bathroom will help you feel more productive in your daily routine.

By House & Garden South Africa | August 23, 2021 | Category

Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

Aside from our bedrooms, our bathrooms function as a sanctuary. We walk in and out of it countless times a day and, not to mention, perform sacred rituals in there which strongly affect our mental and emotional wellbeing - AKA our hygiene, skincare and beauty routines.

So, it makes sense then that we curate our bathrooms into a well organised, aesthetically pleasing space. Having visually appealing yet functional items will help you feel more productive in your daily routine as well as uplift your energy for the day ahead, or unwind for a peaceful evening.

Here are 6 things every adult should have in their bathroom:

Good lighting

Great for those late nights of removing makeup and doing skin care while half asleep. Also helpful for taking amazing selfies or creating a relaxing ambiance when you want to soak in the bath after a hard week.

Aesthetic soap display

A pretty liquid soap dispenser or soap tray is a quick and easy to make your bathroom look luxurious and personalise it to fit your style.

Stylish countertop storage

We could all do with more storage space, and there’s nothing worse than a cluttered area when you’re trying to get ready. Keep your countertop neat and organised with stylish storage displays that look good too.

A good-looking waste bin

Waste tends to accumulate in the bathroom. Get rid of it with a stylish waste bin that blends into the rest of your bathroom decor. A cool metal or earthy wood style always does the trick.

A great scent

Lastly, give your bathroom a spa-like feel with a pleasant scent. A scented candle, calming diffuser or simple room spray can work wonders in elevating the space.