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Design ideas for your guest bathroom

Decorating the bathroom can be a daunting task, especially the guest bathroom

By IOL | March 4, 2021 | Category

Picture: Unsplash

It is one of those rooms that often get used as a storeroom, so it can quickly become cluttered unless it is used regularly.

Small room

If your guest bathroom is really small, you may want to consider decorating the walls in an off-white colour to create a feeling of peace and give the illusion of space.

Sprucing the room with a new coat of paint can make a tired little room feel bright and airy again. Another good tip for a small space is to add a large mirror over the sink because big mirrors in small rooms make the room look and feel bigger.

If you already have a mirror and want to keep it, consider adding lights around the mirror to create the appearance of light and space. Putting a no-fog mirror in the shower is also a great way to add a little extra to the room.

If you have space on the walls, go large, oversized items have the illusion of making things feel bigger. You also want to have the ideal room temperature and for this, you can make use of a temperature controller. You will never again be sweating from the heat or freezing from the cold, it will instead feel either fresh or warm yet always cosy and comfortable.

Create a focal point by using multiples of a single item. Grouping say three to five pieces together can produce a visually stimulating impact. These days, you can buy images that have been split into sections that, when pieced, hang together with a small gap between, creating one image.

Another way to decorate the walls is by hanging framed inspirational quotes; these look great in black and white. Or you could put on shelves full of beautiful plants. If the sunlight won’t reach this corner of the room, no worries as you can make use of LED grow lights that work as artificial lights for growing plants indoors.

New hardware

Maybe you don’t fancy painting but want to spruce up the room. Try adding new hardware to the room. This can be cheap and have an immediate effect on the room. There are many ways of doing this on a budget; for example, you could change the sink faucets, cabinet knobs, towel rail, and toilet flush handle.

Another way to spruce things up is by adding an excellent soap dispenser in the room, and maybe changing the shower curtain. Add fluffy towels, add a stylish wash-basket – again cheap options that can make the room feel different.

Upgrade the bathroom

A great way to upgrade the guest bathroom is with a shower replacement, or perhaps you want to go the whole way and completely overhaul the bathroom and add a new shower unit or bath. This can be costly, though, so look around and get quotes.

Once you have chosen your colour palette (neutral colours usually work best on the walls), you can make things interesting by playing around with a variety of shapes, textures, and materials; think about featuring things like a curved sink or a stand-alone bath or maybe add an eye-catching and stylish vanity. For this, you might consider getting help from general contractors who will do the work for you.


Adding the extras is when you can let your imagination and eye for style come to the forefront.

Have you ever walked into the bathroom in a stylish hotel and gazed around at the little extras, like the fluffy towels hung on the towel rails, the robe folded neatly beside the bath, maybe some comfy slippers, and the little soaps, lotions, and air fresheners on the sink and so on?

You can also create that luxury feel very quickly by adding the little extra touches; your guests will love it.

Consider how you can include touches like this into your guest bathroom; even one or two luxury items in the room can make a real difference and help transform it from a functional room into something a bit more special.

It would help if you also considered things like storage. Every room needs storage, so consider if you want units or shelves and how you intend to hang these.

Written by Jennifer Monroe.