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7 secrets for styling a modern and minimalist bedroom

Because the place where you sleep should be a beacon of calm

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By Vogue UK | November 5, 2021 | Bedroom

According to almost any interior designer or sleep expert, there are certain rules for creating a calm and peaceful sleeping environment. Paying special attention to things like paint colour, lighting and mood will only improve your sleep quality, as well as ensure your bedroom is a place of refuge and rest.

And if you’re looking for the ultimate design style to complement a restful night of slumber, it’s hard to overlook a modern and minimalist aesthetic. From crisp white sheets to softly draping linen curtains that let in just the right amount of sunlight, there are few drawbacks to committing to this popular bedroom style. So if you’re wondering how to best achieve it, keep reading for House Of Hanalei interior designer and stylist Kathryn Borglund’s top tips on creating a clean and minimal bedroom.

1. Subtle statements

“The rule is to add a statement without overwhelming the space,” says Borglund. “Be bold but keep it simple: add one or two statements into your soft furnishings, such as a bold bedhead or artwork.” And then leave it at that. Remember the cardinal rule of minimalism: less is more.

2. Let there be light

“Incorporate an abundance of natural light to make your bedroom feel fresh and modern,” suggests Borglund. “A great way to do this is to include a simple sheer curtain (like these linen ones from Dri-Glo) from ceiling to floor as your window finish.” And for a really seamless look, she suggests placing a sheer curtain in front of any blockout curtains or blinds, which will give you natural light with the option of more privacy.

3. Block colours

“To keep the room looking sleek, opt for block-coloured bedding,” says Borglund.“I love to use white or neutral linen bedding to create a crisp and relaxed look. My go-to are Dri-Glo's white linen sheets—they’re a perfect base to work with to create a relaxed feel. Better yet, leave them un-ironed so they look effortlessly stylish.”

4. Curate special pieces

Minimalism is about being selective with what you put on show. That’s why Borglund suggests only displaying a curated selection of simple accessories in your bedroom. “Invest in some basic, yet unique pieces that speak to each other and add to your personality,” she says. “Look for items that reflect the natural beauty around you.”

5. Add greenery

“A must-have addition to any modern bedroom is a live house plant,” stresses Borglund.”It’s a great way to add a pop of green and a fresh element to your bedroom. Choose a planter made from a natural fibre to add some texture. Some of my favourite plants to use are Strelitzia Nicolai, fiddle leaf fig tree, cactus or a snake plant.”

6. Keep it clutter free

Every item should have its place—it’s about simplifying your surroundings. Keep clutter to a minimum and select a few key pieces to be the hero in the space. The key is quality, not quantity. A good way to achieve a clean look is to select a bedside table with concealed storage and accessorise it with boxes so the everyday clutter can be stored away neatly,” says Borglund.

7 . Embrace simplicity

“A neutral or monochromatic palette is the perfect way to achieve a clean and modern look while also making your room a calm place to sleep,” adds Borglund. “Keep it simple and leave your wall decorations to a minimum, too.”

Written by Yeong Sassall.

This article originally appeared on Vogue Living Australia.