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Summer is a Great Time to Upgrade Your Bedding for the Heat, Here’s What You Need

Investing in the basics can elevate not only your quality of sleep, but your mood in the morning too

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By House & Garden | December 22, 2023 | Bedroom

We don't want to say it too loudly for fear of jinxing it, but it looks like warmer days might just be here. The sun has made a few celebrity appearances on the red carpet of the clouds, and the morning chorus seems more gleeful than in previous weeks. Perhaps it's all just wishful thinking, but there's no harm in hoping.

Whilst summer days mostly bring joy, there are a few pesky additions which, if left untended, can significantly impact our ability to enjoy the season. The most important of these is sleep. A bad night's sleep can affect everything from your body to your mood–and there's nothing worse than being so hot that you can't fall asleep. Sure, our warmest days hardly compare to those in southern Europe, but British buildings are not built for summer. We must find more cunning ways to deal with the heat than simply turning on the air conditioning. We've compiled a helpful list of seven ways to upgrade your bedding for summer.

Invest in a cooling mattress

A strong building begins with a strong foundation, and you can apply this thinking to your bed too: a cool bed begins with a cool foundation. Advancements in mattress technology have been staggering over the past decade, with more high tech materials than ever before. Simba Sleep uses breathable materials, cooling foam and moisture wicking fabrics for their temperature regulating ‘Hybrid Pro’ mattress, making it the perfect companion on balmy nights.

Switch to a summer duvet

When it comes to your duvet, the ideal would be that you have one for summer and one for winter. However, most people's reality is that they simply don't have enough storage to accommodate this. The solution? Finding a duvet that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool should be your go-to material here, thanks to its breathable properties. They're sustainable and recyclable, as well as anti-allergy, so there's plenty to recommend it as a duvet filling. For those after something more high tech, Simba Sleep's patented technology and materials mean science-backed sleep.

Material matters when it comes to dressing your bed for the summer. Image via Pexels.

Or opt for sheets and blankets…

Much has been made about the debate between duvets or sheets and blankets. In fact, our agony aunt, Fiona McKenzie Johnston, wrote a column on it the other week. Those who run very hot when they sleep may find sweet relief in removable layers instead of a fluffy duvet–and a simple cotton or linen top sheet will be a loose and light addition to your bed. For our pick of the very best white sheets, head to our dedicated shopping story.

Dress the bed in linen

Material matters when it comes to dressing your bed for the summer. Made from flax, linen is more breathable and durable than cotton, silk and its other equivalents, making it the perfect material to invest in ahead of summer. Where the fibres of cotton are solid, linen flax fibres are hollow, which allows air, water and heat to escape. Not only does it help you sleep better, but it looks good too, offering an air of the Balearics to even the most dreary British bedroom.

Or luxuriate in silk

Long considered the most luxurious of all the bedding materials, there's a reason silk is perennially popular. The crispest, coolest choice for your bed, slipping into silk sheets is an unmatched feeling on a sweltering day. If you want to try out silk bedding, but aren't ready to make the plunge, a pillowcase is a great way to dip a toe in (and it supposedly has benefits for your hair and skin).

The crispest, coolest choice for your bed, slipping into silk sheets is an unmatched feeling on a sweltering day. Image via Pexels.

Convert to a cooling pillow

Keep a cool head all summer long by investing in a cooling pillow. Using much of the same breathable materials as their mattresses, both Simba Sleep and Eve Sleep have high tech cooling pillows that are guaranteed to help regulate your temperature. With these, every side is the ‘cold side’ of the pillow!

Use refreshing sleep scents

For a small but mighty change, why not switch up the ‘scentscape’ of your bedroom. A comforting sleep spray, with fresh floral notes, should do the trick nicely. Simply spray onto your bedding just before you get in, and you'll drift off in no time.

This article was originally published on House & Garden UK.