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Channel abstract design with these 6 surrealist-inspired pieces

Miro design is inspired by the fantastical forms of Catalan surrealist Joan Miro and we love the colour and character this aesthetic brings to your home. Consider these abstract pieces your space.

By Palesa Kgasane  | April 6, 2022 | Interiors

The abstract paintings of Spanish artist Joan Miró influenced decades of architects, designers, poets and fellow artists. Often difficult to put into a box Miró’s work focused on a number of subjects throughout his career and was especially vocal about his anti-establishment ideas when it came to painting being a bourgeoisie practise. And though he was against being labelled a “surrealist”, he is one of the most prominent artists of that artistic movement. Miró transcended genres as an excellent magical expressionist, lyrical abstractionist and colour field painter. Miró’s talent extended to tapestry, sculpting as well illustrating books. His work was exhibited with other great artists of the time like Salvador Dali whilst also having immense support and kinship from Henri Matisse. In the 1920s Miro’s work was heavily inspired by surrealism as a repression of his Catalan heritage, his travels and interest in the super-natural informed his most surreal works, those that were heavily abstract and rich in colour.

If you’re inspired by Miró, you will appreciate our take on surrealism in your home. This aesthetic is one that can exist in both maximalist and minimalist homes, it’s all about how far you’re willing to go with colours. Channel the bold poetry of this delightful aesthetic with these pieces.

Tiger’s Eye mirror, Cassaredo
’Enjoy your Worries’, 2020, Maaike Bakker screen print 50ty 50ty
’Supernova’ pendant light in satin gold, K.Light
Palette JH8 table, Crema Design
’Bombom Tutti Frutti’ rug by Joana Vasoconcelos, Roche Bobois
Toshiyuki Kita ’K06 aki biki kanta’ armchair, True Design

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