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Cosy winter decor tips

In the winter months especially, our homes are our haves and this should be reflected in how we choose to decorate them

By Sacha van Niekerk | April 18, 2021 | Category

During these cooler months, you can incorporate various design elements into your home to make it feel cosier and warmer.

5 tips for making your home feel like a haven:

Materials inspired by nature

Breathe life into your home with the beauty of natural materials and textures. The grain of exposed wood, the intricate twists and turns of rattan, bamboo, seag rass and jute, and the speckled texture of real cork all add timeless qualities to decor that don’t go out of style. Since natural materials are usually in neutral shades, they seamlessly fit into most decor themes and will add warmth to homes with their welcoming hues.


Whether you love geometric patterns or are a total romantic for florals, rugs complete any room, bringing different decor elements together. Soft plush rugs in varying sizes, materials and patterns are all the rage right now. The trend of layering smaller rugs over carpet or wooden flooring as well as over larger rugs has been seen in the homes of celebs and influencers as well as splashed across design magazines recently. From the bedroom to the lounge or home office a rug is a simple, non permanent way to add flair to the home.


With their warm glow and ornate designs, candles are both functional and decorative making them super ideal for adding cosiness and vibrancy to dull spaces. If you’re having a dinner or movie night, make it a little more special by using candles. Place the candles around your home (on flat, sandy surfaces) for an elegant, classy form of decor that adds a beautiful and cosy glow.

Warm tones

Stark white walls, tiled floors and cool tones can create the illusion that your home is not cosy. You can warm up the mood of your decor with gold/bronze fixtures, scatter cushions, knitted throws, curtains and rugs in shades like deep cocoa, mustard, beige and burnt orange. These pieces are plush, cosy and very easy to swop out as the seasons change.

Golden lighting

Having sunlight stream through the windows on a brisk morning can immediately help make it feel more inviting. However, not all areas of the home are exposed to natural light so you’ll have to make do with artificial options.

Article originally appeared on IOL