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How to organise your home like a Virgo this September

Does your space need some spring cleaning? We can learn a thing or two from Virgos who are known for being organised people

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By House & Garden South Africa | August 30, 2023 | Interiors

We are officially in Virgo season (23 August to 22 September), and we are taking a few cues from this Zodiac sign whose personality is supposed to be very logical, practical, and detail-oriented in their approach to life. This is also the perfect time for spring cleaning, so we are channelling our inner Virgos for every room in the house.

Bedroom: Keep only what makes you feel good

Think about it, your bedroom is the first place you wake up in and the last place you find yourself in every night before you fall asleep. Why not surround yourself with the things that make you feel good? Not only do Virgos keep things super organised, but they know how to create a an authentic aesthetic.

Your bedroom should be full of items that make you feel comfortable and at peace with your home. Keep objects like artwork, sentimental pieces, photographs, or plants and remove outdated objects, old books, or clean that chair you have piled up with clothing.

Now removing objects that don’t feed your feel-good mood doesn’t equate to minimalism. If you are a maximalist and enjoy bright colours, dopamine decor can even be great for your bedroom’s aesthetic. Dopamine decor is all about bold, clashing colours and textures. If that is what sparks the release of dopamine in your brain, then this decor trend might inspire your inner Virgo.

Organise your bedroom by only keeping objects that make you feel good. Image via pexels

Kitchen: Everything needs a saved space

The golden thread to any kitchen organisation technique is to ensure every item has a home in the kitchen it can return to. This can also help you declutter any areas in your kitchen with unnecessary objects and vessels that don’t have a place intentional set for them. Virgos also have a very sharp sense of spacial awareness, and plan spacing with intentional areas in mind.

For the kitchen, having a system for how your cooking ingredients are organised and stored is a good place to start. As long as there is a specific area dedicated to each ingredient in the kitchen, then your kitchen is sure to maintain some sense of Virgo-approved decorum. Virgo’s also love navigating spaces by collecting information. In your kitchen, using labels to organise different sections, (like a basket labelled “spices” or “dried herbs”) will not only help you navigate these different areas, but keeps things seperate and organised. It’s up to the Virgo in you to put objects back in their allocated spot.

Keeping your kitchen organised like a Virgo entails reserving different spots exclusively for different ingredients, tools, and equipment. Image via Pexels

Bathroom: Pay attention to small details in your routine

A great place to start when organising your bathroom like a Virgo is with your morning and nightly routines. Think about which products you use regularly and which products you use less and might be taking up valuable counter space. If you’re bathroom is shared by multiple people, organising any storage areas with draw dividers, baskets, and hooks is a great way to create less clutter and ensure everyone can easily access their personal goods.

The key to organising your bathroom is to take information from your routines, and organise accordingly. Image via pexels

Living Room: Create space with intention

Our living rooms are on of the main hubs of the house, meaning there will be clutter, exposed cables, blankets, and other decor pieces. Living rooms can be chaotic and require a bit of creativity to keep them organised. But, at the same time living rooms demand a sense of comfort instead of sterile atmosphere that can come from decluttering.

One trick to keep your living room organised is to utilise that one powerful storage piece to do most of the heavy lifting for you. Investing in storage will save you energy — especially since keeping a living room organised feels like an endless task — and can also support your living room’s overall design. Storage units like consols typically have many levels and layers for different items. To maximise your storage unit, keep the majority of the clutter at the bottom levels and drawers, while books sit at table height. Hide cables by zip-tying them together into one homogeneous body, and hide behind photo frames and plant potters.

In your living room, invest in storage to create intentional spaces for every object to help combat chaotic clutter. Image via Pexels

Home office & Work-from-home areas: categorise to organise

There’s the adage that says a messy desk is the sign of a messy mind. Organising your workspace at home is all about keeping yourself motivated, productive, and on top of the work at hand. While keeping your workspace organised might require some internal organising, your home office can be cleaned according to your schedule and which tasks to prioritise. Virgos are all about maximising their productivity and will use any gap in their schedule effectively.

A good place to start when organising your workspace is what does your work schedule and structure need and what isn’t a priority. The more of a priority it is to your work, the more visible and closer to it should be. For example, If you find yourself working on your computer most often, organise by getting rid of piles of paper on shelves and surfaces. Colour is also a great tool to categorise your workspace. Assigning colours to different areas and tasks can help keep important documents from getting lost, and keeping a filing systems in check.

Your workspace is all about eliminating distractions and priotising what makes you productive. Image via Pexels